One of the heroes who worked in the debris day and night…

Selman Utku, who works as a HCS Specialist at the Üsküdar University Health, Culture and Sports (HCS) Department, voluntarily carries out search and rescue activities in the earthquake area together with the “Kamp Ateşi Türkiye Arama ve Kurtarma Derneği” (Campfire Türkiye Search and Rescue Association). Utku, who is still in the region, continues his work nonstop.

One of the Üsküdar University SKS experts Selman Utku has begun to take part voluntarily in the search and rescue activities with the Campfire Türkiye Search and Rescue Association after two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.68 in Kahramanmaraş and 7.6 in Gaziantep on February 6. In the search and rescue efforts, the team of 8 people, including Utku, played a major role in rescuing 14 of our citizens from the debris.

He took part in search and rescue efforts in many different regions in Hatay

Utku took part in the search and rescue team voluntarily in order to save the citizens under the debris after the earthquakes that affected 11 provinces and were called the disaster of the century and He is one of many heroes who have been fighting day and night to save the lives under the debris in Hatay, one of the regions that were highly affected by the earthquake.

Utku participated in search and rescue efforts in various regions of the disaster area through the Campfire Türkiye Search and Rescue Association, and he carried out aid works in Reyhanlı, Samandağ, Altınözü, Kırıkhan, Terzihöyük Village, Odabaşı District, Akevler District and Rönesans Residence locations in Hatay.

He carried out various activities in the debris area day or night 

Utku, who took part in the search and rescue works in the first days of the earthquake, took part in organizing the aid campaign from various regions of Türkiye as the team leader and distributing it to the villages in need in the following days. At night, he continued his search and rescue activities in the wreckage studies of the collapsed buildings within the confirmed information.

They rescued 14 people from the debris…

Utku rescued a total of 14 of our citizens from the wreckage together with his team of 8 people. The most miraculous among the earthquake victims who were pulled out from under the debris was the rescue of the mother and her 2-year-old baby, who were under the debris in the Cebrail District of Hatay, at the 92nd hour of the disaster, with the help of French search and rescue dogs after 9 hours of work.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)