A real-like lifesaving demonstration from Üsküdar University

With the support of Üsküdar University Department of Health, Culture and Sports, an emergency training by the AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) and Kızılay (Red Crescent) Club was held in the Çarşı Campus. Fire, evacuation and rescue demonstrations were completed successfully with the participation of the students.

Üsküdar University attaches great importance to keep life safety at the utmost and to prevent loss of life and goods in a possible case. Therefore, Üsküdar University have added a new one more to its demonstrations.

Üsküdar University held a demonstration on fire, evacuation and rescue with the participation of academic and administrative personnel within this context.

The demonstration first started with sirens and continued after students gathered in the area and then each stage is carried out to complete the demonstration successfully.

The mannequin was transferred safely to downstairs with ropes, which it was delivered by the students of AFAD Club to the students of Kızılay Club.

Demonstration was completed successfully in a fast and safe way.

 “Fire Demonstration” was held with broad participation of students and was completed successfully thanks to harmony between students of the AFAD Club and students of the Kızılay Club in a fast and safe way.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)