An Outstanding Roster from Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University become champion by winning all four matches in Women’s Volleyball UNILEAGUE Turkcell Super League held in Afyon Kocatepe University in last May and prepares an outstanding volleyball roster in the Super League.


UNILEAGUE organized by University Sports Federation continues working with İstanbul Representrative Şaban Çıbık who is experienced and make his team a champion for Turkcell Super League and Çıbık added important names to the team.

Üsküdar University agreed a deal for players Zeynep Ezgi Çelen, İrem Yılmaz, Işılay Ertekin, Aleyna Fırat, Aleksia Karutasu who is expected to be seen in A National Team in Turkish Status in a short time. Üsküdar University achieved to draw attention even though the season has not started yet.

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