Dear students,

It is decided unanimously that maximum 30% of the courses overall total ECTS of the department/program can be provided through distance education in daytime and evening education programs within the framework of “Distance Education Rules and Procedures in Higher Education Institutions “in 2022-2023 Academic Year of our university. The criteria that students must meet are given below:

    1) Hybrid education will not be carried out (Courses will be received either face-to-face or through distance education).

     2) Mid-term exam, semester final exam and makeup exam will be only done face-to-face.

     3) Students are obliged to turn on their cameras during the online courses within the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK); however, our students who would not like to turn on their camera, can submit petition including their justified reasons. Otherwise, they will be considered as “absent from the course”. The aforementioned course visuals will not be published in any other medium except ALMS by the university within the scope of KVKK.


Importantly announced to all of our students.


Üsküdar University Presidency