Energy Efficiency at Work, at Home, on the Road!

A booklet with a title of “Energy Efficiency at Work, at Home, on the Road!” was published to call attention to energy efficiency by Türkiye's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Üsküdar University also approach this matter with the utmost attention and realizes an action plan within the institution.  It is aim to use energy efficiently, to prevent wasting, to decrease the cost of energy for the economy, to increase energy resources and energy efficiency with the booklet published within the Energy Efficiency Law.

By sending the booklet “Energy Efficiency at Work, at Home, on the Road!” to universities, Türkiye’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources aims to receive support from universities in order to provide sustainability of the project and to raise awareness on energy efficiency for the public opinion.

It aims to reduce energy usage

In the booklet of the Project that aims to reduce energy usage, measurements and efficient usage of energy in heating system, cooling system, transportation, lighting system, house chores, cooking, working areas and entertainment systems. In the booklet, important recommendations of measurements that can be taken are written for the all areas where energy is utilized.

Energy Efficiency in Lighting System

  • Passive sunlight must be utilized for a natural lighting.
  • Walls must be painted with a light color.
  • Lamps (LED) with high energy-efficient class must be preferred.
  • A lighting system with an energy-efficient quality (lumens/watts) must be preferred.
  • Projects must be determined by using a luxmeter (illuminance meter).
  • A high capacity above the level of comfort must not be preferred.
  • A lighting system with motion-sensitive sensors must be applied in halls, meeting rooms and bathrooms.
  • A dimming light system must be applied.
  • An automatic lighting control system must be used.
  • Electrochromic/thermochromic smart windows must be preferred.
  • Electronic ballast must be preferred instead of magnetic ballast.
  • LED applications must be done at streets, parks, gardens according to the standards.

Energy Efficiency in Transportation

  • Riding a bicycles or walking must be preferred to commute places that is not distanced.
  • Public transport must be preferred.
  • It must be avoided to brake suddenly and step on the accelerator unnecessarily.
  • Engines must be turned off when the vehicle is waiting.
  • Periodic maintenance of the vehicle must be done.
  • Windows must be closed when the vehicle is moving in order to prevent air flow.
  • A course on efficient driving techniques must be taken.
  • Unnecessary loads in the trunk must be avoided and extra goods must be removed from the trunk of the vehicle.
  • A high-efficient tire must be preferred and air pressure must be kept on an ideal level.
  • Vehicles with high engine volume such as minibus, pick-up truck, terrain vehicle must not be preferred as long as it is not needed.

It will provide energy saving substantially

On condition to follow the recommendations completely, a 50% saving in natural gas, 35% saving in electricity and 25% saving in petrol will be achieved within 1 year.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)