Two pillars of crises: "Danger and acquisition”

Founding Rector of Uskudar University Professor of Psychiatry Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan was the guest of the program "Let's talk about it" at lunch, prepared and presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Uskudar University, and advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Deniz Ulke Aribogan, on the "beIN Gourmet Channel".

“We have to do what we love to enjoy what we do”

Drawing attention to the importance of people doing their job fondly, Tarhan said; “One should enjoy what they do. And should also do what he loves to enjoy. It is a motivating situation when people get feedback from their work. Our belief in what we do is another factor. These move the person more. As physicians; For example, a patient comes, we do his treatment somehow, but after that patient heals and expresses satisfaction, we then feel pleasure. When a patient is cured, the positive effect which it gives to a person, to get results, to touch the soul of a person, to cause a person to go happy… Especially in psychiatric diseases, many are pessimistic, do not enjoy living, difficult diseases occur. The pleasure of getting results in these patients really motivates you. This situation is not measured in material terms, it is not done for money.”


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)