A few hours before the university exam, the latest tactics!

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.48107

The last hours of the 2024 Higher Education Institutions Exam have been entered. Üsküdar University Director of Educational Institutions and Guidance Services Ertuğrul Tut suggested that "Apply the tactic you are most successful in during the exam, do not be stubborn with the questions. You may experience mental blindness in some questions, put a mark and move on to the next question..."

Üsküdar University Director of Educational Institutions and Guidance Services Ertuğrul Tut gave advice to students who will take the exam hours before the 2024 Higher Education Institutions Exam, which will be held in three sessions on June 8-9 and will be taken by more than 3 million candidates.

It is a good thing that there is a certain level of anxiety

Director of Guidance Services Ertuğrul Tut stated that the candidates who will take the exam and the parents are worried a few hours before the exam and said that "It is actually a good thing that anxiety is at a certain level. This is also something that motivates the student. Basically, it is necessary to accustom the body to the exam. Families also need to prepare the student psychologically. Some families overestimate the process, and they begin to behave differently than ever. This increases anxiety. Let's go about our everyday routines. On the other hand, let's not forget the existence of the exam."

After the first 10 minutes, they are motivated for the exam

Stating that motivation may deteriorate from time to time during the exam, Ertugrul Tut expressed that "Our focus may start to disappear. It is not a short amount of time. The focus may not be constant all the time. Students may experience this before the exam. However, they are motivated for the exam after the first 10 minutes of the exam. They are focused. After half an hour or 40 minutes, there may be breaks again. At that time, when they look around, they should not be impressed by the fact that other students are enthusiastically solving or trying to solve questions."

YKS is a ranking exam

Emphasizing that the university exam is a ranking exam, Director of Guidance Services Ertuğrul Tut made the following suggestions about what to do during the exam:

"When we achieve the ranking of the department of the university we are targeting, we are already successful. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some things during the exam in order not to fall behind in the race.

Apply the tactic with which you are most successful!

There may be questions that students get stuck on. Or there are tactics that they have used in practice exams before. During the exam, students need to apply the tactic that they are used to and are most successful in. Secondly, they should not be stubborn with questions. In some questions, we can sometimes experience mental blindness. Therefore, as soon as we experience this, we should leave the question and put a mark next to it and move on to the next question. Later, when we find a gap again, returning to that question helps prevent mental blindness."

The biggest problem in recent years is the time problem...

Referring to the issue of coding, which is important in the exam, Ertuğrul Tut stated that "What we recommend is not coding as a block. You have finished a page, a column, and then when you code those questions, you reduce your margin of error. The biggest problem in recent years is the time problem. Especially in the verbal part. There are very long paragraphs in Turkish questions. They want to separate the student who reads books and the students who do not. When you look at the question, it is not very difficult, if you had a little more time, maybe you would answer the question very easily. However, it is necessary to use the time well in this respect. In other words, the time control must be on the candidate."

As concerns rise, the need for water increases

Stating that dry mouth increases as anxiety increases and stress level increases, Guidance Services Manager Ertuğrul Tut said that "Therefore, the need to drink water is high. There are also some breathing tactics to reduce anxiety. Such as deep breathing... If they pay attention to these, the candidates will at least suppress the anxiety a little more. When they get stuck a lot, when they have a hard time, when they feel very bad, they should stop and take a breath for 10 seconds."

The post-exam process is much more important...

Noting that the university exam is given too much meaning because it is seen as the first step of a professional or career, Ertuğrul Tut expressed that "The process after the exam is actually much more important. The situation when choosing a profession is much more important."


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)