Anatolian opportunity in orthopedics and prosthetic service employment...


Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services (VSHS) Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthotics Program organized the "Clinical Approaches in Prosthetic Orthotics Workshop Enterprises" event. Specialist Orthotist Therapist Can Turan attended the event as a guest. Turan gave important advice to the students by explaining the details of the sector and the processes of starting a business. Turan added that there is a great need for orthopedics and prosthetic services in Anatolia rather than in metropolitan cities.

The moderator of the event held at Üsküdar University Çarşı Campus was Üsküdar University Health Information Systems Technician Program Head Instructor Kübra Akkalay.

Turan: "There are great opportunities in Anatolia"

Orthotist Therapist Can Turan advised students to go to Anatolia instead of big cities such as İstanbul and Ankara after graduation. Emphasizing that there is a great need for orthopedics and prosthetic services in Anatolia, Turan said that "Unfortunately, our occupation cannot provide enough service areas in Anatolia. In other words, there is a need and a demand there."

"Keep your vision broad and follow your dreams"

Talking about his own career journey, Turan said that he dreamed of establishing a clinic during his student years and quickly achieved this goal after graduation. Turan, who founded Analysis Orthopedics in 2020, drew attention to the importance he attaches to branding and infrastructure. Turan advised students to get the opinions of experienced people in the sector, but not to listen to negative criticism. Turan stated that "Take constructive criticism. When you look at it on a sectoral basis, many people may say to you, 'What is the point? We already exist'. Keep your vision broad and follow your dreams."

"Turn to R&D, and make a difference"

Turan advised students to turn to R&D studies to make a difference in the sector. Stating that there is a need for new and innovative products around the world, Turan said that "3D printer technologies, new materials... You can make a difference in the sector by working on these. Success depends on the people you come into contact with. Expand your network, participate in congresses and fairs, and constantly improve yourself."

"Multidisciplinary work is very important"

Referring to the importance of multidisciplinary work in orthopedics and prosthetic applications, Turan stated that "AFO is not performed immediately on every patient or orthosis is not applied. You should work with doctors and physiotherapists to find the most appropriate solution for the patient."

"Continuous education is a must"

Advising students to continue their education after graduation, Turan emphasized the importance of closely following the developments in the sector and being open to innovations.

The students, who listened to Can Turan's experiences and advice, also had the opportunity to ask their questions about the sector.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)