Ataman Özbay: "Now the phones are mobile, but we are addicted to them"


Üsküdar University Special Talented Children Application and Research Center (ÖYEMER) organized an event called "Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding" within the scope of the University Culture course. Ataman Özbay, the inventor of wet wipes, participated in the event. Ataman pointed out that there is a lot of phone addiction in Türkiye and said that "In the past, the phones were fixed, and we were free. Now the phones are mobile, but we are addicted."

The opening speech of the event, which was held at Üsküdar University Central Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, was made by ÖYEMER Project Consultant Sena İlgar.

To be noticed, it is necessary to make a difference...

Expressing that it is necessary to make a difference to be noticed, Sena İlgar stated that "Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone wants to do something different. They want to be noticed. When I thought about what I needed to do to be noticed, I realized that I had to make a difference. When I listened to their success stories, they all had a breaking point. At that time, I said, it is best for me to listen to the success stories and note the breaking points there, only then can I be successful. My entrepreneurial story began with a single word in the lecture hall. That quote was as follows; ‘Young people, do not look around with empty eyes, but look around with your talents. Because only then can you notice the gaps and jobs around. Only then can you create a place for yourself in society.' Now Ataman Özbay, the owner of that quote, the famous businessman, pharmacist and also the inventor of wet wipes, is with you."

Ataman Özbay: "A smiling face, a sweet talk is the greatest wealth..."

Emphasizing that relations with people are very important, Özbay stated that "A smiling face and a sweet talk are the greatest wealth. Relationships with people are very important. I had become a great printer. I was the editor-in-chief of the printing house and the İzmit correspondent of Hürriyet Newspaper. My relationship with people was very good. That is the only reason for my success today."

“If you have a belief and a goal, anything is possible."

Stating that the new generation is not very active in reading, Özbay expressed that "Life shows you what you want to see in life. Unfortunately, you do not read it. If you have a belief and a goal, anything is possible. I invented the wet wipe. I have made disinfectant wipes in 20 years. I made the first transparent soap in the world. Rahmi Koç thanked him. On Mother's Day, I had 'Dear Mom' written on the soaps. I had a toy put in it because my grandson would not wash his hands. He does not stop washing his hands now."

"Now phones are mobile, but we are addicted"

Emphasizing that phones are mobile, and people are addicted to phones, Özbay said that "Time is so precious. Türkiye is addicted to phones. In the past, the phones were fixed, and we were free. Now the phones are mobile, but we are addicted.” The event ended after a group photo shoot.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)