Midwives are an important force in the solution of climate crisis!

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.47868

Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Midwifery Department "The 5th Midwifery Students 2nd Climate Change Symposium: Midwives are an Important Force in Solving the Climate Crisis" event was held. In the symposium, which attracted great attention, topics such as the causes of global warming, the impact of the climate crisis on pregnant women, fetuses and newborns, global climate change and baby care were discussed.

The opening speeches of the symposium were made by Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin, Head of Midwifery Department Prof. Güler Cimete and Midwifery Department 4th year student and Symposium Student President Sevin Kırtay.

The symposium, which took place at Üsküdar University NP Health Campus İbn-i Sina Auditorium, received great attention by the students.

Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin: "Nature ruthlessly avenges everything that has been done to it"

Emphasizing that the damage to nature is caused by both natural resources and humans, Prof. Ertekin stated that "We are proud of our students organizing such an event. We cannot ignore the efforts of your teachers who support you. When I start to see these in you, I understand that you will do more good things during your education and when you start your professional life. The concept of climate is a concept that has come to the fore in recent years. They affect living things in this area of the climate. Not only humans, but also plants in nature have positive and negative effects on the life cycle of animals. Some of them are natural resources, and some of them are made by us. When we say that we will do something good for a while, we harm nature. Nature cruelly avenges everything that has been done to it. And then we try to fix what we have done. Climate is one of them. You, healthcare professionals, are one of the professional groups that touch societies and people the most. In other words, you become a family's garden. That's why you are one of the best audiences to share with people what can happen at such events. I believe that you will be responsible and aware of this. Let's never lose our sensitivity on these issues."

Prof. Güler Cimete: "If there is no healthy world, it is not possible for any living thing to live a healthy life"

Talking about a global problem that affects all living things, Head of the Department of Midwifery Prof. Güler Cimete stated that "I am going to talk about a problem that seriously affects the health of living things. This is a problem that affects our future and that is why it is very important and valuable. I see midwives, nurses and physicians as the most critical professions among professional organizations because they have the opportunity to serve a very large population for a long time. Therefore, I am really happy that the International Midwifery Organization, one of these professional organizations, has taken it as this year's theme. Since this theme was chosen as the theme of the year, this topic will be covered for a year. From now on, midwives will have differences in what they can do to prevent and protect against global warming, related climate change, and climate crises. These people will raise awareness about global warming and the prevention of climate change. New approach models will continue to be developed. If there is no healthy world, it is not possible for any living thing to live a healthy life. Universities need to focus on this issue."

"We will use less, we will consume less"

Pointing out that everyone has individual responsibilities, Cimete stated that "It was a very important symposium in the context of a symposium that could be held at the student level. We have all been accustomed to the understanding that someone should earn a lot under the influence of capitalism for many years, now we need to do the opposite. This is at the heart of the climate crisis. We will use environmental resources less, we will pollute the environment less, and we will consume less. We have individual responsibilities."

Sevin Kırtay: "I am proud to organize the symposium once again"

Stating that she is proud to organize the symposium, which has become a tradition, once again, 4th year student of the Department of Midwifery and Symposium Student President Sevin Kırtay stated that "We are proud to organize our student symposium tradition once again with the symposium on the theme of climate change this year. I would like to thank the organizing committee of the organization, which has been our source of motivation throughout the process."

After the opening speeches ended, the program continued with sessions.

4 different sessions were held

Within the scope of the event, 4 different sessions were held. In these sessions, the topics of "Causes and Effects of Global Warming", "The Effects of the Climate Crisis on Pregnant, Fetus and Newborn", "The Impact of the Climate Crisis on Children, Adults and the Elderly, Global Climate Change and Midwifery Care" were discussed.

The symposium ended with a group photo shoot.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)