University in top 5 in trademark and patent studies…


Üsküdar University draws attention with its national and international initiatives. Üsküdar University, which attaches importance to R&D studies and has many initiatives in the field of trademarks, designs and their registration, took its place at the forefront of "Türkiye's Patent Report 2023". In the report registered by "Patent Impact", Üsküdar University ranked 9th with 21 patents in Turkish patent applications, 5th among Foundation Universities, and 20th with 2 patent registrations in European patent registrations.

Trademark and patent studies are at the forefront of the outputs that show the R&D and innovation power of institutions. Üsküdar University also attaches importance to its studies in this context...

Ranked 9th with 21 patent applications

In this context, Üsküdar University, which adds a new one to its studies every day, ranked 9th with 21 patent applications in the Türkiye (TR) Patent Champion Universities – TOP 20 national patent applications.

In the top 5 among Foundation Universities...

Üsküdar University ranks 5th among foundation universities in Türkiye with 21 applications.

Üsküdar University ranked 20th in the European Patent (EP) Champion Universities- TOP 20 with 2 patent registrations in European patent registrations.

Among foundation universities, it ranks 8th with 2 patent registrations.

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