Prof. Muhsin Konuk: "Classical prescriptions do not work"


Üsküdar University Vice Rector Prof. Muhsin Konuk was the guest of the Biological Sciences Network of Türkiye (TBBA) Academy. Konuk, who discussed the title of "Pharmacogenetics as an approach to translational science", stated that classical treatment and drugs do not work much, and that drugs and treatments suitable for the genetic structure are important. In the online program, Head of the Department of Molecular Biology Prof. Muhsin Konuk explained how he contributed to translational science through his own studies.

"Translational research is the journey from the desk in the laboratory to the patient's bed" Pointing out that translational science is not fully understood by some people, Konuk continued his remarks as follows: "Research called translational medicine is actually a journey from the desk in the laboratory to the patient's bed. In fact, the basis of this is the use of data obtained from basic sciences in the field of health because it includes both basic sciences and applied sciences as well."

Medicine suitable for genetic structure...

Emphasizing that the success rate is much higher (99%) in treatments applied thanks to pharmacogenetics, Prof. Muhsin Konuk said that "We all experience this situation. For instance, when we go to a doctor, the drugs given with classical applications may not be good. In this case, it may be necessary to follow up for weeks to see if a different drug works. As a result, there is both loss of time, loss of work in the hospital and financial losses. If drugs and treatments are applied according to the genetic structure of people, success and side effects of drugs on people are almost eliminated."

"It affects the functioning of enzymes and hormones, which are regulatory proteins"

Evaluating the effects of Genetic Polymorphisms on our pharmacokinetics, Prof. Muhsin Konuk expressed that "In terms of pharmacokinetics, transporters, especially plasma proteins, affect the events there. In terms of pharmacodynamics, they affect receptors. They affect the functioning of enzymes, which are one of the two most important groups that work as regulators in our body."

"Pharmacogenetics cannot develop because the raising and training styles of our physicians are in the same way that the same drug is sufficient for everyone"

Commenting on the question of why pharmacogenetics cannot be applied broadly in the clinic, Prof. Muhsin konuk stated that "First of all, this is not properly known in Türkiye. Although it is known, it cannot be applied because no one can interfere with the work of doctors. Their raising and education styles cannot develop because they are always in the mentality that one medicine fits all."


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)