The Joy of Eid al-Fitr at Üsküdar and NPİSTANBUL family


The tradition of celebrating the family of Üsküdar University and NPİSTANBUL Hospital has not been broken this year as well. Academic, expert and administrative staff participated in the “Online Exchange Bairam Greetings Ceremony” held with the participation of President Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Üsküdar University Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör. Üsküdar University family shared the joy of the Ramadan Feast together in the digital environment. Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that the holidays are an opportunity to help the victims and proud people.

The academic, specialist and administrative staff of Üsküdar University and NPİSTANBUL Hospital experienced the excitement of the holiday beforehand. President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevza Tarhan, Üsküdar University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Furkan Tarhan, Üsküdar University Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör, Vice-Rectors Prof. Sevil Atasoy, Prof. Muhsin Konuk and Advisors to the Rector, Deans and Directors also attended the online celebration ceremony.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: "Holidays are an opportunity to help the victims and proud people"

Starting his speech by congratulating the holiday of Üsküdar and NPİSTANBUL family, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan expressed that "Today is a really interesting day. On the last Friday of Ramadan, we celebrate on the Night of Power. Due to the earthquake, a visit was made to Hatay within the scope of the project in partnership with Üsküdar University and Haydi Tut Elimi Association. It is very important to see and remember disadvantaged people during these holidays. For this reason, holidays have a fun, pleasant time aspect. Holidays are an opportunity to touch the aggrieved and proud people in the society. It is important to be able to make them celebrate the holiday. May your holiday be a holiday, and we wish you to have a good day with your loved ones. Türkiye is moving in a good direction, and both the good and the bad in the world are increasing. Let's try to be among the good ones."

Prof. Nazife Güngör: "Let's watch the beautiful light of Türkiye and have a peaceful holiday"

Üsküdar University Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör shared the excitement of the holiday. Güngör stated that "The Eid is a good opportunity for all of us to clear our heads, but while emptying our heads, let's think a little about what we will fill after the holidays. On this occasion, we should both listen to our minds and think about which publications and projects we will do afterwards. On the one hand, let's see a lot of sea, watch the beautiful enlightenment of Türkiye and have a peaceful, joyful and healthy holiday."

Prof. Mehmet Zelka: "It would be much more meaningful to spend the holiday with people waiting for a visit"

Stating that excitement and unity come to mind when it comes to holidays, former Rector of Üsküdar University, Advisor to the Rector Prof. Mehmet Zelka expressed that "It will be much more meaningful if we have the opportunity to spend the excitement and happiness together with the spouses, friends, relatives and people in need of visit and waiting for a visit. It adds happiness to happiness. I wish all our friends a peaceful and happy holiday with their loved ones." At the festive ceremony, which was attended by faculty deans, graduate school and institute directors, academic and administrative staff, family members shared their holiday wishes in a friendly atmosphere.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)