Worldwide known names praised Üsküdar University

World-renowned scientists, all of whom carry out important studies in their fields, praised Üsküdar University and our application partner NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital. These praises keep strengthening our power.
Here are the prestigious scientists and their statements that made Turkey proud…

Oxford University Faculty Member Lord John Alderdice: 
“You are very lucky. You have a spectacular hospital.”

“Thank you very much for your great hospitality. Thank you very much for honoring me with the Honorary Doctorate Award. It was an informative experience. It is great to be here. You are in a pioneering position of research here. I congratulate you all. The technological facilities of the hospital are very advanced. You are very lucky. You have a spectacular hospital.”

American famous Psychiatrist Prof. Norman Moore:
“There is everything here to produce science”

The treatment facilities in the hospital are highly developed and I really like the hospital and the university both in terms of technology and architecture. I have never seen anything like this before. I have seen Prof. Nevzat Tarhan’s previous hospital and I have seen the same versions in England, America and Australia but this time of my visit, I see great improvement. Therefore, I can tell you that there is no equivalent to this hospital in the World. I am not only impressed by the scientific aspect but also the architecture of it. I have learned that the architect is Nevzat Tarhan’s sister. I think that functional MR can distinguish depression from its type, and from there it can be separated into depression types and continue with various chemical studies. I have seen here that functional MR studies are being carried out and I have told Mr. Nevzat that we can execute the same studies here that is already done. I actually meant neurology when I said integrated, but here I saw that all the medical branches are united. When I teach psychiatry students, I try to tell more to those who do not want to be a psychiatrist because I think they will see more psychiatric patients than anyone else. The integration in this hospital is very important and the relationships have been adopted from every direction. There is everything in here to make science. This hospital has taken the lead in this special issue in the world, I congratulate you on your success.

World-renowned name in the field of neurology, psychiatry and psychopharmacology Prof. Stephen M. Stahl: 
“Your hospital is a world star. You live in a dream.”

Your hospital is spectacular on its own. The programs are great. Your programs on addiction are unique. You have amazing laboratories. Neurosimulation laboratory is very impressive. There is no such institute in San Diego. I envy this actually. You hold the future.”

World famous Psychiatrist Dr. Saul Levy: 
"You are doing a great job…"

“APA and TANPA are doing great things in collaboration with your wonderful hospital. The APA is eager to cooperate with other countries and gives great importance to this. Your university is innovative and contemporary. We need to include more Turkish psychiatrists to our organization. We should talk about this. would like to thank representatives of Üsküdar University and NPİSTANBUL for their efforts. We, as psychiatrists, must support each other globally and continue to be unified.” 

World famous brain surgeon Prof. Madjid Samii opened Neurosurgery Center…
Iranian world-renowned scientist and neurosurgeon Prof. Madjid Samii, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Üsküdar University for his important studies and scientific contributions in the field of neuroscience worldwide. Samii also opened the Neurosurgery Center named after him at NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital.