“Changing People, Changing Science” was discussed at TEDX Uskudar University 2023

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.43130

President of Üsküdar University, Psychiatrist Prof.  Nevzat Tarhan stated that “The universe is a product of intelligent design. The belief of Tawhid, as a mathematical reality, is the most reasonable explanation of existence. Therefore, not being seen cannot be evidence of not being.”

Neurologist Prof. Sultan Tarlacı developed an anti-shaking wristband inspired by the earthquake and said that “We have developed a device in the form of a wearable wristband that does not contain any drugs or chemicals. This device takes immediate effect as soon as it is installed. It has an effectiveness of approximately 76 percent. There are no side effects.”

Prof. Osman Çerezci said that“We should not sleep with the television and computer on, especially in the bedroom.”, and Psychiatrist Prof.  Gül Eryılmaz stated that “We either run after someone or we run away.”


TEDX Uskudar University 2023, held at Üsküdar University Central Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, was held under the title of "Holistic Science, From Philosophy to Medicine" with the main theme of "Changing Human, Changing Science".

Giving a speech titled  "Does Religion Enter the Laboratory?President of Üsküdar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that two common points can be brought together in religious sciences and physical sciences, and expressed Hawking's answer to the question ‘Why does the universe exist?’,  "If we find the answer to this, this will be the ultimate victory of human existence. Therefore, we can also understand the mind of God," at TEDX Uskudar University 2023, which hosts many important figures who are experts in their fields. 

Tarhan stated that the 'Higgs Boson' thesis received the Nobel Prize in 2013 and said that "Since it has been proven that dark matter exists, the universe is not empty."

“Referring to the functioning of the human brain, it seems that a similar universe in space exists in the human brain.  Tarhan said that "This reminds us of an intelligent design,"  and explained that Hegel said, ‘Everything that is reasonable is real, and everything that is compatible with reality is reasonable.’ and that the things put into the laboratory of Mind are real.

According to Hegel, logic is the most fundamental science

Tarhan also stated that logic is the most fundamental science according to Hegel, referring to the three stages of Hegel's dialectics as thesis, antithesis and synthesis, and said that "The thesis suggests that there is energy whereas the antithesis suggests that there is no energy. The synthesis emerges as the existence of electricity. The thesis suggests that God exists, and the antithesis suggests that God does not exist. The synthesis is at the end of the presentation..."

Tarhan, who also gave information on 'modal logic', stated that the occurring universe demonstrates the necessary truth that is 'the angles of the triangle on the Euclidean space are 180 degrees'  while the impossible universe demonstrates the necessary error that is "the angles of the triangle on the Euclidean space are 192”. Tarhan noted that a different result must emerge on another space in the universe of probability.

Tarhan expressed that “‘Whether God exists or does not exist' cannot be shown in the universe; however,  the question is that ‘Can it be shown?’ in the possible universe. Tarhan stated that Einstein said that time is relativity according to quantum mechanics.

The proposition 'The universe is an intelligent design'...

Explaining that the relativity of matter was announced in 2022, Tarhan pointed out the proposition that "The universe is an intelligent design."

Tarhan also pointed out the essential truth that “Every design requires a designer” and said that “If there is a design somewhere, if there is a database and that database has turned into a design, it is impossible for this information to exist by chance. This is necessarily true.”

Tarhan also said that mathematically, probabilities over 10 to the power of 50 are impossible and added: “There must be a designer. The equivalent of this in religious literature is the concept of Necessary Existence." 

Stating that there are currently 4,300 religions in the world, Tarhan said that "If there is an external will, an external intelligence, which of these could be true?"

Tarhan also stated that Hawking, who advocates the multiverse, was asked, ‘If there are other beings, why do not they visit us?’ and noted that Hawking said, ‘They will come and invade the world.’"

“The belief of Tawhid is the closest explanation of existence to reason as a mathematical reality.”

Reminding that Spinoza said 'God is nature' and that nature is very intelligent, Tarhan continued his remarks as follows:

“How will we go? How should it be? This power must be unique and singular, knowing everything, controlling everything, acting with the wisdom and meaning that has all the power. Among all 4,300 religions, it is the belief of Tawhid that best fits the concept of God; therefore, I say this as a mathematical reality that being invisible or not being seen cannot be evidence of not existing. Tawhid, the mind laboratory, suggests it...

Briefly, the universe is a product of intelligent design. The belief of Tawhid, as a mathematical reality, is the most reasonable explanation of existence. Therefore, not being seen cannot be evidence of not existing.  Since we do not see an external power, will or intelligence, it does not mean that we do not have it. Therefore, after quantum physics, we need to restructure, rewrite and re-evaluate our concept of God. The belief of Tawhid is not a belief, but it is a mathematical truth."

They were inspired by the earthquake in the treatment of hand tremors

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Sultan Tarlacı stated his remarks in his speech titled "Treatment of Hand Tremors Inspired by Earthquake Isolators" as following:

“I will explain how  we developed a medical device with inspiration from nature and its effect. How could an earthquake inspire the development of a medical device? We are an earthquake country. Since we live in harmony with earthquakes, when we look at nature, there are very clear relationships between the above and below. When you see this, you can transfer the information you receive in one area to another area.

What we call an earthquake is the vibration of the earth's crust. The medical term for vibration is tremor. Tremor of the earth's crust, which also occurs in earthquakes. Seismic dampers placed under buildings are what inspired us. In other words, it is the divider that prevents earthquake waves from shaking the building.”

Medicines also have many side effects

Stating that when it comes to tremor, there are two types of tremor, Parkinson's and essential tremor, Tarlacı said that “The effects of the medicines used are quite weak. We can improve the everyday life of an average of 30 percent of patients. Medicines also have many side effects. The effects of physiotherapy applications are quite limited. Apart from these, the most effective method is to insert a battery into the brain or to damage a certain part of the brain in a controlled manner; however, there are some risks.”

We developed a wristband device

Explaining that some mechanical devices have been developed to prevent shaking since the 1970s, Tarlacı stated that “However, many of them are very difficult to use in everyday life and none of them have left the laboratory and been presented to the public. We asked whether we could develop a device like a seismic damper. As a result, we developed a wearable wristband-shaped device that does not contain any drugs or chemicals. This device takes immediate effect as soon as it is installed. It has an effectiveness of approximately 76 percent. There are no side effects.”

“We should not sleep with the television and computer on, especially in the bedroom”

In the speech titled "Electromagnetic Pollution, Its Effect on Our Health and Protection", Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dean Prof. Osman Çerezci pointed out the electromagnetic field and its effects on health and said that "The people who will be most affected are the elderly and children. We must protect ourselves from the negative effects of this exposure on the body.”.

Saying that its effects are like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart rhythm disorder, leukemia, and damage to sperm cells, Çerezci said: "We should not sleep with the television and computer on, especially in the bedroom."

The power of memory, the black box of romantic relationships

In her speech titled "The Black Box of Relationships: Implicit Memory and Romantic Relationships", Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Prof. Gül Eryılmaz talked about the power of memory, the black box of romantic relationships.

Eryılmaz said that among air pollution, obesity, excessive alcohol and loneliness, loneliness is the most fatal and stated that “It is our destiny to connect and establish relationships. Among bilateral relationships, spousal relationships are much more sensitive and fragile. The factors affecting these are just as important.”

Gül Eryılmaz said: “When we fall in love or are in a relationship, this relationship experience opens the black box in our brain. If the information in this black box is negative, which is not always the case with romantic relationships, they are also a source of threat. The most important threat is the threat of being unloved and abandoned. Therefore, the information in this file will affect our current relations if it is negative.”

We either run after someone or we run away

Referring to how this black box is formed, Eryılmaz stated that “After birth, the first relationships with the mother or caregiver begin to be established. These first experiences are taken through the body. As time progresses, this time the child looks at themselves through the mother's eyes. When you look at yourself from the mother's eyes, this time the information 'I am good, I am valuable, I am loved' goes to the brain. All this information determines an address in the black box regarding the security of future relationships and whether they will be loved or not. When a relationship experience occurs, this information opens up and can almost reflect the ugly face of the past on the current relationship without the seal of time." 

Explaining that people see the problems they experience in romantic relationships on two main axes, Eryılmaz said: “On the vertical axis, we generally see power and competition problems. On the horizontal axis, we see more connection problems. People react to the problems they encounter on both axes in two ways. We either run after someone or we run away. As a result, the information in the black box brings us to this point.”

Does a zero-gravity environment change genetics?

Making his presentation on "Pursuit of Undiscovered Genetics in Space and Antarctica", Üsküdar University Transgenic Cell Technologies and Epigenetics Application and Research Center (TRGENMER) Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Dr. Cihan Taştan stated that human beings have a large genetic material consisting of twenty-five thousand different genetic elements in the genetic book consisting of three billion letters; however, they are still a living being that has been forced to live in the world's conditions, focusing only on living in the world for thousands of years.

Stating that human beings now have to force themselves to live in the space environment, Taştan shared the following information in his speech:

“We, as geneticists, also have to investigate whether the genetic material we are in can adapt to space. In one movie, a billionaire suffering from cancer lives in a low-oxygen and zero-gravity environment and says, 'the only thing that will stop cancer from finishing me off.' I am researching the exact same thing. How is our own genetic makeup affected in a near-zero gravity environment? Even within plants, there are genetic expressions that contain the impression and message of feeling gravity and resisting gravity. Why should not our own genetic material feel gravity and react against it? To investigate this, we need a zero-gravity environment or another controlled environment with increased gravity. These two environments are space and Antarctica. For this research, we started working with the Turkish astronaut who will go to space in January.”

TEDX Uskudar University continued with diversified topics

Those who made a speech at TEDX Uskudar University are as follows: Dr.Elvan Çiftçi from NPİSTANBUL Hospital with the speech titled “But I can’t Help it”, Expert Clinical Psychologist Özgenur Taşkın with the speech titled “Mental Labyrinths: Journey to the Depths of Obsessions”, Expert Clinical Psychologist Penbesel Özdemir Yağız with the speech titled “Can Anyone Hear My Voice?: Living in the Shadow of the Earthquake", Expert Clinical Psychologist Çağrı Akyol Çevirir with the speech titled "High Intelligence, Substance Use and the Path to Being Mahdi" and Expert Clinical Psychologist Aybeniz Urhan with the speech titled "One of the Biggest Problems of Adolescence: Eating Disorder".

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