Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Instead of ecosystem, an ego-system was formed”


President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, who mentioned that we use the pharmacy and chemicals in our brains while activating ourselves and moving towards the goal, pointed out that a balance should be formed with the precision of a good chemist and psychological resources, and capital should be well managed. Underlining that toxic people should be avoided in this journey, Tarhan said that "They are poisoning us and they are affecting the chemicals in our brains.”

President of Üsküdar University Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attended the TEDx conference organized for the 4th time by İstanbul Kültür University with the theme of "Create Yourself". Speaking under the title of 'Toxic Relationships in the Journey to Self', Tarhan drew attention to the fact that people should be able to be happy on their own.

"What affects self-perception is self-esteem"

Emphasizing that what is called luck is actually the point where reason and opportunity intersect, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that "The construction of the self begins from birth. A journey for life begins with this construction. As this journey unfolds, the human being is a relational being and is not mentally programmed to live alone. How will he establish human relationships as one begins a journey about the self? We have a social brain; therefore, we need to be able to establish various relationships well. We will overcome the obstacles in front of us, but how do we turn those obstacles into opportunities? Toxic people will come our way. It will confuse you a little; however, it will seriously increase your internal motivation. You look at people who have been successful in their journey of life, who have made good use of certain opportunities, and you say, 'What a lucky man!' What we call chance is actually the point where reason and opportunity intersect. That person waits on the sidelines and gets the chance. It emerges at the intersection of reason and opportunity. That is why self-perception is so important in this journey. What influences self-perception is also self-esteem. The ideal self for that person is important. Your own self, that is ‘self that is you’ as the other self is important. The person who can understand the difference of these four is traveling to their own self. A person who knows oneself knows their strengths and weaknesses after a while. It is important to know the strengths, weaknesses, evaluate offers and opportunities. In order for all this to happen, you must first have a goal. When embarking on the journey of life, when embarking on a journey to the self, it is important that the person has an ego ideal, that the ego ideal becomes clear. After creating the ideal in our minds, this ideal usually matures in adolescence. Until then, it is slowly improving."

We must make good use of the pharmacy in our brains...

Mentioning that we use the pharmacy and chemicals in our brains while activating ourselves and moving towards the goal, Tarhan pointed out that this balance should be made with the precision of a good chemist and psychological resources and capital should be well managed. Tarhan also underlined that toxic people should be avoided on this journey and noted that these people affect the chemicals in our brain by poisoning us.

"Not an ecosystem, but an ego system has emerged"

Mentioning that there has never been an era in the history of humanity where the ego has grown so much and become globalized, Tarhan said that "Today, we are talking about the ecosystem here due to climate change, but here the ego-system has been formed, not the ecosystem. There is no era in human history in which so many egos have grown, inflated, and globalized. Before, leaders were always successful people, but you see that there is this globally. There is a serious literature on this. The organ that makes us ‘us’ is our brain. The anterior frontal region of our brain, the frontotemporal, is more than half of our brain. Humans have the largest brain frontal lobe among living things. In people with schizophrenia, the frontal lobe does not work. They do not use it. The schizophrenic person dreams a lot and is very happy. They make it rain, starts wars. For example, he is a Mahdi... He is a prophet and has come into the world... He is very happy and cheerful. When we treat him, he suddenly becomes depressed. In psychiatry practice, we ask that 'Have we done good or bad?' The schizophrenic person does not use the frontal lobe. They use the posterior lobes, and they live happily in a fantasy world. Thus, is the purpose of one's life individual happiness or is it to be able to do something for society, to do something for humanity, to leave a mark when life comes to an end? Is this what happiness is? It is necessary to make the right decision. Every part of the brain of a healthy person works homogeneously."

The narcissistic trait that can be tamed leads to the goal...

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that the capital system supports narcissism to accelerate the consumption economy. Tarhan stated that "Capitalism first makes you sick, then cures it. Right now, in Manhattan, there are antidepressants in street sewers, wastewater. Türkiye has also become a small America in this respect. Everyone is on antidepressants, which is not something to be praised, this should not happen. A human being must be able to be happy on their own. You see it in the statistics that there is an epidemic of narcissism. The epidemic is increasing rapidly between years, especially among young people. In that case, more local things are being said so that such as the Covid, the new epidemic waiting for humanity will not become a pandemic. When the pandemic becomes global, it is heading towards an epidemic. If we can protect ourselves here, we may be protecting ourselves from future dangers. People with personality disorders are also increasingly diagnosed with narcissism personality disorder between years. Narcissistic personality disorder is not a disease, but it is a personality disorder. Narcissistic is more or less present in all of us; however, narcissism is an energy. We use it to get to the destination. It is like a wild horse. If we discipline it well, it will lead us to the goal, but if we discipline it incorrectly, it can turn us upside down. A narcissistic person loves themselves, and it is one thing to admire themselves, but it is another thing to have their own self-esteem with their strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, the capital system supports narcissism to accelerate and increase the consumption economy. It supports competitiveness, supports competition and supports living better, living fast and consuming more. This has started to affect humanity in the form of a global epidemic."

There is a high-dimensional mind above the brain

Mentioning that the mind is bigger than the brain and body, Tarhan said that "There is a higher-dimensional mind above the brain. There is a holographically structured space. Changes in the field of the mind instantly move from neuron to neuro-resonance in the brain. Nerve cells in the brain vibrate. This is the knowledge of neuroquantology. Collective psychology also sees the human brain as a computer. Is it software or hardware first in the human brain? Our brains work like hardware as electronic circuits. Right now, something is changing in the brain neuroplasty. If you accept the information you hear from me, the information turns into a belief as if you pressed enter. If you repeat it, it becomes a habit. If you repeat it and it lasts for 6 months, it also turns into a personality. It is all in the brain as a negative network at first. It is then written as a chemical network. Our brains, which speak English, French and Arabic, use the same different networks. This is the model that explains our brain. Therefore, how is the consciousness of ‘self’ formed here, how is the concept of ‘self’ formed? It is bigger than mind, brain, and body. There is a primitive energy that is open to education, a primitive energy that is innate in us."

3 important types of leadership in achieving dreams: Realism, activism and idealism

Emphasizing that one foot should be on the ground and one foot in the air while dreaming, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan drew attention to the words of Mevlana. Tarhan stated that "It is important to dream while building ourselves, but as Rumi said: 'Let our dreams be like compasses.' Keep one foot on the ground and one foot in the air. If we can dream in this way, we should not be afraid of that dream. Realism, activism and idealism are very important to be able to establish these 3 leaderships. In fact, our mind or our brain, which is the equivalent of matter, is a quantum receiver that reverberates in the quantum field. We live in a holographic brain, a universe, and just as we raise our arm in our brain with mirror neurons, the same region in the brain related to arm raising in the other person's brain is activated, we also have emotional mirror neurons in our brain. When we feel a strong emotion, we notice that the person in the other brain perceives that emotion with strong emotions."


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