Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine will bring the new understanding of 21st century medicine

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine will accept its first students in 2019-2020 academic year. Üsküdar University Dean of Medicine Faculty Prof. Haydar Sur stated that they are preparing an educational infrastructure required by the 21st century with the hybrid education model. Prof. Sur remarked that “We have to work at the speed of science. Therefore, we are trying to get together a lifelong learning environment. We strive to ensure that students learn throughout their lives, not during their education. We will train the doctors of the 21st century.” 

Üsküdar University Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Haydar Sur stated the Faculty of Medicine will accept its first students this academic year and provided further information about the faculty.

When Üsküdar University was founded in 2011, the Faculty of Medicine was not established as a strategic institution and that it was planned to initiate the Faculty of Medicine when the departments related to other fields of health were completed. Prof. Sur continued as “Since its establishment, Üsküdar University has been a university that grants diploma in almost every field of health professions. We founded the Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine and crowned our university. All the necessary infrastructure and academic staff have been established in medicine and other health sciences up to this date. This is our biggest advantage. The programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences shed light on the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. So we started with more experience.”

Area for medical students only…

Prof. Sur referred to Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine’s differences and remarked that every detail was considered for medical students. Prof. Sur continued as following:

“We have many privileges as the Faculty of Medicine. I do not think that there is another medical faculty that is built on an area of 6 thousand square meters and belongs only to medical students. We have a very rich and aesthetic infrastructure. We have a great library. Medical education requires a little more study environment than other branches of education. The majority of medical students spend more time in the library. Therefore, the library has to be the main comfort area for medical students. When I see our library, I wish I could relive my student life. Our laboratories are designed to provide the easiest training. After studying in these laboratories, our students will have the opportunity to practice in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and Ataşehir Memorial Hospital, which we have contracts with. Academically, the Institution of Higher Education places an obligation to study with at least 19 teachers in the first three years in a newly opened Medical Faculty. We have started with 45 academicians and hopefully 40 more academicians will join us.”

We structured a lifelong learning environment

Prof. Haydar Sur said that medicine and medical technologies are constantly evolving and are open to change. He continued as, “In less than 3 years, half of the information we provide to our students today will be falsified by science. This means that you need to work/study constantly to stay good all the time. Therefore, as academicians, we will still study. Our students will also study constantly, so no laziness. We have to study at the speed of science. Therefore, we are trying to structure a lifelong learning environment. We strive to ensure that the students learn throughout their lives, not only during their education. We will train the doctors of the 21st century.”

Hybrid education model will be implemented in the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Haydar Sur added that the technologies and the opportunities it provides have led to changes in the design of the training while developing the training models. Prof. Sur said “There is a method that has come from thousands of years in the world. The teacher gives the lesson and the students ask questions. Different models such as hybrid models have emerged as a result of new methods such as computer technologies and simulation environments. The hybrid model means that faculty adopts both problem-based learning and integrated system. As Üsküdar University, we have established a hybrid medical school curriculum. Teacher will give homework to the students, and when necessary teacher and students will sit around a table to discuss the subject. Then the teachers will contribute. A problem will be learned in an active learning environment. Integrated systems include respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. Different fields of medicine will be discussed in the same system. Different departments will be integrated into the same system. The learning method of the modern age should be as such. The era of forcing the student to sit and study is now over”.

Students will be able to access information at any time

Prof. Haydar Sur stated that the laboratories of Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine are equipped with the latest systems and each student will have a microscope. He said “We have screens as technology. We made our student do applications. Lectures can be watched again at home by students. There are possibilities to contact through Stix program. A student will not be able to make an excuse and say ‘I wanted to learn but could not reach any information’. We ended this excuse.”

Prof. Haydar Sur also advised the Faculty of Medicine prospective students and doctors of the future. He continued as, “You have to take care of your own body first as a physician. We will teach healthy lifestyles from the first grade. One who does not claim own health, cannot claim the health of others.”

Prof. Haydar Sur said that the need for physicians has risen in our country. He said, “Our population is getting older and is increasing. Elderly means someone who needs a doctor more. As people get older, they begin to have more difficult diseases to cope with. Naturally, the need for a physician increases. It is our most important duty to provide a great time for the rest of individuals’ lives. Physicians need to keep their knowledge fresh throughout their lives. We bring the 21st century understanding of medicine.”

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)