Visual Communication Design department evaluated spring semester with its stakeholders


'2023 Spring Semester Evaluation Meeting' organized by the Department of Visual Communication Design was held at the Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall in the South Campus. Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Süleyman İrvan, Head of the Department of Visual Communication Design Prof. And Algül and academicians of the faculty attended the meeting. Moreover, external stakeholders, department graduates, faculty and department student representatives also attended the meeting.

At the meeting where it was discussed about what can be done within the scope of the department and curriculum, external stakeholders shared their views and explained the important details they think in the field and sector. Course and subject concepts were discussed in the faculty curriculum change.

Orhan Irmak: "Different disciplines are today’s must…”

Orhan Irmak, Founder of Orhan Irmak Design, made his speech at the meeting. Irmak said that "I would like to thank everyone. I would also like to congratulate you for the accreditation. We have been serving as packaging design in Orhan Irmak Design for 20 years. Packaging design is an interdisciplinary field and, in this sense, we have colleagues in different disciplines in our team. Different disciplines are a must in our time. Therefore, my biggest expectation from the students is that they will gain experience in different fields and graduate in a well-rounded way. Thanks for the invitation, and I hope that our mutual interaction will increase more from now on.".

Melike Ulupınar: "Gaining different perspectives adds a lot of value to what you do"

Minus 99 Studio Director Melike Ulupınar told the students that they should gain different perspectives. Ulupınar said that “Thank you for your invitation. I would also like to congratulate you for successfully overcoming the period and this process, and these values are very important. I also come from a multidisciplinary structure. Different disciplines has great benefit to you in business life. Gaining different perspectives in different lines of business adds a lot of value to the work you do. I think it is a great privilege to study in the field of visual arts. Furthermore, I think this is very valuable for gaining that perspective. I recommend that you evaluate every course you take with this approach. I think it is the best way you can think compactly. That's why I recommend you to experience many areas. Such experiences are a step that shapes your future life and I think we can make a difference in the industry."

The event followed by students with great interest was ended with group photo shoot.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)