GBA (Young Brain Academy Application and Research Center)


a) To ensure that projects are produced in accordance with the needs hierarchy between projects in order to save money and efficiency in the use of the funds provided by the EU,
b) To assist in the introduction of all the programs announced by the EU and which our country can benefit from and the preparation of projects within this scope.
c) To assist in the functioning of activities related to the EU programs and in project development within the scope of the programs,
d) To evaluate and select the projects to benefit from these programs,
e) To provide technical and administrative assistance to all the units, institutions and organizations that want to prepare the project and fulfill the project leadership and consultancy duties when necessary,
f) To follow the publications of the EU and the granting institutions and the National Agency and to communicate to the research center officials who are interested in the projects and the departments that prepare the Project in order for projects to achieve success,
g) To evaluate appropriate partnership requests communicated by public organizations and non-governmental organizations and to assist them in finding suitable partners to the possible extent.


a) To increase demand and interest in external and internal projects and programs by providing projects using EU funds,
b)  To share the mutual knowledge, experience and technology of the member countries of the EU, to promote the new developments and scientific dimension in public administration and civil society to the University, to ensure that the prepared projects are developed numerically and in terms of content,
c) To provide technical support to faculty, department, vocational school, institute, USEM, Research and Application Centers, NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and all public and non-governmental organizations affiliated to our university who want to produce projects and support them in search of finding project partner,
d) To ensure that projects are produced in institutions affiliated with our University,
e) To ensure that our institutions in disadvantaged regions, which have not benefited from outsourced projects and programs, produce projects and benefit from grant schemes,
f) To conduct necessary studies as a University in order to be a pioneer and leader in project work in Istanbul in terms of quantity and quality,
g) To strengthen the business partnership between institutions and ensuring partnership (educational institutions, public institutions, universities, NGOs, etc.), 
h) To establish a business alliance with relevant institutions on an international scale and introduce Turkey and Turkish culture and especially İstanbul,
i) To be informed about external projects and programs, European Union philosophy, Turkey-EU relations, EU Education and Youth Policies, to follow developments and participate in trainings on these issues.