Journal of Social Sciences

Journal of Social Sciences

YEAR: 4     -    ISSUE: 6   --    MAY 2018

Political Psychology and Political Self-Efficacy (Turkish)

Ayça Ferda KANSU and Nevzat TARHAN

Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom: Problems between Serbs and Croats and the Fall of The Kingdom (1918-1929)(Turkish)


A Suggestion on How to Analyze the Effects of Typhography Use on Reality in Turkish Documentary Films (Turkish)


Cyber Feminine Perspective as the Technologic Destination of Femme Fatale: Ghost in the Shell (Turkish)


The Ethics of Capital Punishment

Ali Abdullah AÇIKGENÇ

The Place of Health Services in Municipalities in Turkish Legislation (Turkish)


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The purpose of Üsküdar University Journal of Social Sciences is to submit the original studies in the field of social sciences of Turkish and other researchers to readers.


In the Uskudar University Journal of Social Sciences, articles from the areas of Political Science and International Relations, Economics and Administrative Sciences, History, Geography, Law, Security, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Communication Sciences, Fine Arts, Linguistics, Turkish Language and Literature, Health and Educational Sciences are published.

Publication Principles

The opinions of the articles published in Üsküdar University Journal of Social Sciences belong to the author. The articles published in another magazine, book, and so on are not accepted. Notifications provided in national or international conferences, seminars and panels can be taken to the publication process after being specified in the footnote and converted into the article format.

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It is assumed that the authors undertake that they will not claim royalties for the articles they have submitted for publication in Üsküdar University Journal of Social Sciences.

Referee's Procession

1. The Journal Editorial Board prepares the submitted articles before the referee procession. The articles that receive the “Referee process can begin” signal, approvals are sent to two experts national or international judgments in the field.

2. If both positive and negative responses are received from the referees, the article will then be sent to a third verdict.

3. If two rejections are given by the referees, the referee reports of “nonissuable judgment” is handed in to the author.

4. In case 'correction decision' is received from the referees, the articles together with the referee report are provided to the author and a maximum of 1 (one) month is allowed to make the necessary corrections.

5. The author must consider the criticism, evaluation and correction of the referee and the Editorial Board.

6. If needed, the revised article might be sent to the same referee and the article that received 'publishable report' from both referees, the Editorial Board shall take the list of “articles to be published” with the content of the journal based on the date of completion of the referee reports.

7. Publications submitted to the journal are not refunded whether they are published or not published.


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Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Üsküdar University

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