According to famous criminalist Prof. Atasoy, women’s interest increased in forensic sciences

One of the world's leading forensic scientists and Üsküdar University Vice Rector Prof. Sevil Atasoy said that most of the students in the Forensic Sciences Department of the university are women.

Dedicating her life to forensic medicine and criminology, training many criminalists throughout her professional life and becoming one of the few experts in forensic medicine in the world, Prof. Sevil Atasoy, who is a member of the United Nations (UN) Narcotics Control Board, became a role model for both genders with her success as the first Turkish woman to serve as the President and the second female president of the board in the world.

Being the daughter of one of the founders of modern Turkish forensic sciences Prof. Şemsi Gök and the founder of Teşvikiye Laboratory that is one of the first private laboratories in Türkiye, Dr. Ferda Gök, Sevil Atasoy's interest in forensic medicine started in her childhood due to her family's profession.

After graduating from German High School, Atasoy entered Istanbul University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry with the guidance of her family. Atasoy, who did her doctorate in the fields of biochemistry and medical sciences at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry, became an associate professor and professor in the same branch.

Sevil Atasoy continues her duties as the Head of the Department of Forensic Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, as well as the Head of the Department of the Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences, and the Director of the Practice and Research Center for Fighting Violence and Crime.

 “The main condition for the advancement of women in the profession...”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency on March 8, International Women's Day, Prof. Sevil Atasoy talked about her professional life, her national and international studies at the university and in the field of forensic sciences.

Stating that mostly men work in the fight against crime, Atasoy stated that male dominance has continued since she took office as the Head of the Forensic Medicine Institute's

Expressing that senior executives are men in many countries, Atasoy said, “Actually, not much has changed. Those who have operational authority, that is, those who collect evidence to actually illuminate a crime, conduct investigations and take statements are usually men. Now, over the years, we have seen that women have been the head of some international organizations. There are now many women among police chiefs, governors, prosecutors and judges around the world. To get to that point, it is necessary to know the issue very well. Whatever the main condition for the advancement of women in the profession, it is to know the job more than the people they work with. Of course, that requires a lot more work”.

Explaining that the Forensic Sciences Department was established at Üsküdar University for the first time in Türkiye, Atasoy continued her remarks as follows:

“This year, we graduated from this department for the third year, which provides undergraduate education. The vast majority of students is women. The field of forensic science has become one of the professions in demand by women. Of course, this profession requires a huge investment because we all need justice. In whether public institutions or private institutions, you need an infrastructure that can serve those in need, ensure high quality of justice and prevent unfair convictions.”.

 “There are more treatments for men in the centers”

Explaining that the UN International Narcotics Control Board Membership will continue until 2027, Atasoy said that the board is an important organization that fights the supply and demand of drugs around the world and also has an embargo authority.

Atasoy argued that treatment centers for the treatment of addicts are mostly applied to men in many parts of the world, and women are also discriminated against in this area.

Forensic medicine students in the earthquake zone

Expressing that she was devastated due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Prof. Atasoy said that as Üsküdar University, some of the students, from autopsy assistants to forensic science graduate and doctorate degrees, work in the earthquake zone.

Atasoy said that students are active in many fields from identification to psychological counseling, and that a very serious number of female students use their professional knowledge in the field to relieve the problems of their fellows.

Expressing that the main theme of the UN for 8 March International Women's Day this year is "Achieving gender equality through innovation and technology", Atasoy said, "So this year, we all will work for more Internet access and more education over the Internet all over the world.".

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