Health managers gathered in the dining event for cooperation

Doctors and managers from Ümraniye Education and Research Hospital and Bahçeci Clinic came together at the cooperation dinner held at Üsküdar University NP Health Campus. President of Üsküdar University Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan hosted the meeting. Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Kemal Memişoğlu, administrators of NP Istanbul Hospital, academic and expert staff of the Faculty of Health and Medicine and students also attended to the event.

Prof. Haydar Sur: “It is our greatest ambition to carry out this cooperation for many years”

Üsküdar University Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Haydar Sur made the opening remarks at the event. Sur said that: “Thanks to the contact we made with the principal, since he is an educator who gives great support to education, he understood the situation and paved the way for this. The chief physicians of the two hospitals to which he addressed provided us with great support in overcoming many obstacles, large and small, which we came across. We would not have been able to reach the level of satisfaction with the education that our fourth-year medical school students have today, if it were not for the will of the head of the principal and the technical support of our chief physicians who support this and our teachers who support them. In this respect, first of all, as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, I would like to thank all of you for your support. We are fully aware of how good support this is. It is our greatest ambition to get this support on track in a sustainable manner from now on, without ever exploiting it, and to carry on this cooperation for many years. When our young graduates work as doctors, maybe in your institutions, I am sure you will be happy when you see how well they are trained.”.

Prof. Necdet Sağlam: “It is very important that physicians are trained by seeing patients”

Ümraniye Education and Research Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Necdet Sağlam said that “As Ümraniye Education and Research Hospital, we are a large hospital on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, operating as the most diverse patient density in the public sector. In line with the guidance of our esteemed director and the request of our professor Nevzat Tarhan, we sat down and talked to them about how we can help them in this regard when our esteemed dean, vice-rectors and department heads came to visit us. We held a meeting with our department heads, professors, and administrative officers. Later, they held one-on-one meetings and completed technical studies on how to get support from us. Afterwards, we continue to provide educational support with our professors and their specialists, who are suitable for our working environment and suitable for clinics. Education is really important. It is very important that physicians are educated by seeing patients and receiving clinical support.”.

Dr. Semra Baripoğlu: “Practice is very important”

NP Istanbul Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Psychiatrist Dr. Semra Baripoğlu; “On behalf of my institution, I would like to thank all of you for your contribution to our students. A group also did psychology internships at our hospital. Meeting the patient one-on-one during internships, observation, experience are very important for them. Practice is very important. I am sure that they are experiencing the same excitement in other areas under your supervision.”.

Prof. Cem Çelik: “We will try to help students to practice” 

Prof. Cem Çelik from Bahçeci Clinic said “As Bahçeçi clinic, we genuinely try to support Department of in the Faculty of Medicine. I hope, we will try to help our students with routine practice in our clinic in next periods. I think that it will continue in a supportive way like this.”.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Now, our students are luckier than us”

Emphasizing that a great importance is attached to raising students in a quality manner as a principle, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said “For us, fourth grade was a critical period. In principle, we attach great importance to the quality education of our students. When I think of it from my own perspective, medical education is an education requiring conscious. If the students we train make a wrong treatment, we feel responsible, as well. That's why we want to raise our young friends well and make them see cases; pave the way for them, and offer them a climate of opportunity. For this reason, our hospitals and directorates in Ümraniye and Sancaktepe acted very constructively in this regard. Special thanks to them. Our students are very satisfied. When our dean in Cerrahpaşa came to us, he said, 'I wonder if we should do this ourselves?' We have established a student assistant system. Each group has one student assistant. That person gives us a weekly report informing us on how the classes are going. We have officially insured. Benefit status is a system that processes information in the manner of how. An excellent reporting is carried out. Professor Haydar Sur sent the results of the last group. There is better feedback than we thought. It was a three-week process in the NP as well. Children's department, general surgery, internal medicine, all saw important cases. They can ask their professors, they can talk about it. We could not learn anything from the professors during the assistantship training. We could not even learn from the head assistant. We were learning from the senior assistant. Our current students are more fortunate. They can directly ask questions to lecturers and experts. They can see cases together. I hope this system we have established will be sustainable.”.

Prof. Kemal Memişoğlu: "Anyone can be a doctor, but not everyone can be a physician"

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Kemal Memisoglu mentioned that they provide not only training but also education to the students and added “Anyone can be a doctor. I teach ethics classes at the University of Health Sciences. Anyone can be a doctor, but not everyone can be a physician. Rules for medicine were established in the 5th century BC on the basis of ethical values. One of the most important of these has been defined as medicine, the leader of the society and also the exemplary person. People will entrust their lives and their bodies to a person they have never met. It has to be reliable, it has to be an example. We do not just teach but also, we educate you. We have to do something very important while training, we need to set an example. We need to set an example both as a teacher, as an institution, and in behavior, as a university, and as a directorate so that you can be a physician. I really congratulate Üsküdar University, especially my professor Nevzat Tarhan because for the first time, we came across a university that thanked a hospital group, a directorate, which has provided internship opportunities to many universities and educational institutions for years, with such a courteous meal. First of all, I thank you for that. There are many scientists, many universities, many public administrators, many politicians, many businessmen in this country, but this country needs many exemplary people. It needs exemplary universities. It needs exemplary bureaucrats.”.

Those who also participated in the cooperation dinner are as follows;

Üsküdar University Vice Rector and Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Prof.  Hikmet Koçak, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University, Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin, Üsküdar University Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Deputy Secretary Generals Ayşe Öztürk and Asil Barış Bağ, Head of Corporate Communications Department Tahsin Aksu, Head of Career Center Department Aslı Cevahir Arabacı Keleşabdioğlu, NP İstanbul Hospital management team and doctors, as well as Doctors from Ümraniye Education and Research Center and Bahçeci clinic.

The dinner, which took place in a friendly atmosphere, ended after a group photo shoot.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)