Story increases virality and impact in communication

The courier, who attracted great attention in the media by playing the piano at the hotel he went to for order delivery, brought up the company he worked for on the agenda, which also increased the brand's visibility. Stating that elements with a story accelerate interactive communication, experts say that the sharing, therefore, reaches wider audiences. Emphasizing that the spontaneous occurrence of the event in the natural flow of life can be considered as organic communication, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “Although it has provided an advantage in terms of visibility, brands should not allow these impressions created through digital platforms to spread spontaneously and uncontrollably.”.

Brands should not be deceived by the advantage of visibility in digital media…

In the past weeks, footage of a courier playing the piano found in the place where he was delivering an order had been on the agenda in Türkiye. Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Head of Public Relations and Promotion Department Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu made evaluations about the reach of this image to large masses and the impact of organic communication studies.

Elements with a story reach large audiences

Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu stated that the images of young courier Can İncir in Türkiye have been watched with interest by many people in recent weeks, and she made the following remarks on the impact of the subjects with a story on brand awareness:

“While Can İncir, who played the piano at the hotel he went to for order delivery, drew attention with his interesting story, the company where the young person worked was often mentioned with this news. It is possible to say that the visibility of the brand in question is positively affected by viral content, especially on social media. When we look at the factors that motivate today's social media users to stay on digital platforms, content to be shared with a story comes to the fore. Elements with a story accelerate interactive communication and enable sharing to reach wider audiences. At this point, creating an emotional bond is extremely important for the brand and the user. The combination of this power with social sensitivity, goodwill, and social responsibility awareness, such as providing benefit to someone anywhere in the world, adds added value to the brand in every sense. It is possible to attribute the images of Can İncir playing the piano to the social media agenda quickly to these reasons.”

It can be evaluated as organic communication

Stating that it can be evaluated as organic communication when there is no strategy in the background in other words it develops spontaneously within the course of live, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “Although this situation contains risks within its own dynamics, it indicated a positive process within the scope of this example. Moreover, we can say that we can say that it contributes to the features such as sincerity and transparency that users expect from brands in social media. In addition to creating an opportunity for the brand to be repeated and recognized more, the fact that many famous names supported Can İncir paved the way for the event to be placed in an even more popular area. While a positive view seems to prevail in this popular area, on the other hand, the fact that criticisms on the subject are on the agenda indicates the need to act with a proactive approach.".

Brands should not allow an uncontrolled spread

Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu emphasized that brands should not allow these impressions, which are formed or created through digital platforms, to get viral spontaneously and uncontrollably and Uğurlu said, “Although all these developments seem to have provided an advantage in terms of brand visibility, it is important to ensure the correct management, control and continuity of the process in the following time period.”.

Digitization is transforming processes

Expressing that public relations a of the institutions are planned strategically and they focus on dialogue and are based on communication skills benefiting the public, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “Digitalization transforms every field, as well as the process of designing public relations activities. This process points to a situation that institutions and brands should care about, especially since social media occupies a very important area in the lives of individuals.”.

Many factors affect public relations activities

Stating that this managerial activity, which is considered specifically for digital platforms, contains many dynamics in itself, Assoc. Prof. Özge Uğurlu said, “It is possible to say that many factors, from content management, to the choice of images to be used, to the tone, sincerity and language of the messages to be conveyed to the target audience, affect the public relations work to be carried out on digital platforms. Of course, it is important that these contents are consistent with traditional channels and reinforce the identity, vision and mission of the institution or brand. The fact that each digital platform has its own characteristic structure, user and culture brings with it to act with the foresight that content management in this medium may also differ.”


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)