First step was taken for the “NGOs at University” Project!

The pilot application of the “NGOs at University” project has begun within the cooperation of Üsküdar University, Amasya Associations Federation and Haydi Tut Elimi Derneği (Hold My Hand Association). The first step was taken for the project is carried out under the leadership of President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan. The pilot application started with the lecture titled “Effective Communication Skills and Efficient Team Work with NGOs” given by Young Brains Academy Director Asst. Prof. Nebiye Yaşar.

Prof. Tarhan: “The cooperation between University and NGOs is very important”

President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan made remarks on the “NGOs at University” Project. Emphasizing the important of a social image for the NGOs, Tarhan said, “The cooperation between University and NGOs is very important and a university must be definitely in cooperation with NGOs. Shareholder movements are very important in this regard.  One of the biggest achievements of the 21st century is the team work. NGOs must place importance to innovation. Innovation is not protecting the current state but it is getting out of your shell and being open to development.”.

“Existence and popularization of the NGOs depend on forming a strong civil society culture”

Amasya Associations Federation (AAF) General President Turan Sayar and Haydi Tut Elimi Education, Rehabilitation and Aid Association President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan expressed in the joint remarks highlighting the important of the Project for the NGOs, “Democracy, pluralism, tolerance, volunteerism, social participation and citizenship awareness are fundamental values of a strong civil society. Existence and popularization of the NGOs depend on forming a strong civil society culture. During the development process of Türkiye, the consolidation of juridical ground of the NGOs depends on the increase in its number and quality, more participation during decision-making processes, financial structure and enforcement of human resource. Within this framework, the ‘NGOs at University’ project has the value of pioneer and example project in society.”.

In the Project that will be applied with the grant provided by TR The Ministry of Interior, it is aimed that NGOs that are qualified institutional NGOs will be certified with “Intuitional Quality Certificate” within the scope of Institutionalization of NGOs and Developing the Capacity.

The education within the Project will continue for 6 weeks

It aimed to form a new culture between NGOs and Universities and to improve both institutions with the pilot education within the ‘NGOs at University’ Project. Within these courses, the course titled ‘Human Resources Management and 24-carat Institutional Criteria’ are prepared by Fatih Demirtaş.

In the 6-week pilot education program, various educations will be given in the topics, such as “Defensiveness and Effecting Policies, Legal Framework and Human Rights for NGOs, Civil Society and Creating Strategy, Organ and Organization for NGOs, Cooperation with Volunteers and Voluntary Works in NGOs, Rhetoric and Art of Eloquence, Project Proposal Writing Techniques for NGOs, Creating Project Budget, Impact Monitoring and Evaluation, National and International Fund Resources for NGOs, Project Management in NGOs, and Facilitation and Education Techniques”.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)