Prof. Tarhan: “Modern human become a being chasing after tangible pleasure”

“Existence Talks with President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan” held by the Conscious of Age Club continues this every week with great participation of students as every week. In the program, “Existence philosophy” was discussed this week. Tarhan expressed that modern human’s life become only life on earth and pointed out that humanity become a being chasing after tangible pleasure.

“We enter into a different energy form after we die”

Noting that we transform into a different energy form other than matters after we die, Tarhan said, “In order to fact that the world becomes a fair place, the good must receive the return for their good deeds and the evil must receive the return for their evil actions. Those who believe an afterlife believe it. When belief and mathematics are emerged, tawhid is articulated by the both sides. If there is tawhid, the life on earth is already a life form according to tawhid belief. We enter into a different energy form after we die. We move on to a different energy band and now we are in the energy band on earth which is called matter. Everything you call as matter are oscillation and vibration.  As you know, there is a new theory in the quantum physics, string theory.  According to the string theory, what we call matter is a string. String, that is, a magnetic string. When they come together, matter is formed according to string theory. This matter is a different energy band. After we die, we enter into a different energy band, in other words, a different life form, and that life form is an eternal life form according to tawhid belief. The death in this world is just transiting from A to B life form.”.

 “Success is not limited to this world and the actual success is the total of our achievements”

Tarhan made remarks on the importance of the determining strategical goals for success and expressed success is not limited to this world. Tarhan said, “To be successful, you determine strategical goals and you carry out strategical accumulations. If a person’s strategical goal is not right, there is no importance of the small achievements they eared. In this world, there is no importance of the achievements. The actual success starts after death and this is called total success. It is seen at the end of life. Accountability is our conscious. There is internal feud and there is also accountability to the creator of life. A person who has the feeling of accountability, do not do big mistakes. Even though they did, they pull themselves together. Accountability is especially equal to responsibility in children. When a person comes into the world, they perceive the world in that way. They say I can take what I want, I can do what I want, I can do it how I like and no one can say anything. I mean, there is no one interfere on surface. They commit to all sorts of evil. They commit to pleasure and excessive enjoyment. Community also do not interfere or say something, they do not punish anything.”.

“Modern human become a being chasing after tangible pleasure”

Expressing that modern person is getting far away from their purpose and they become a being chasing after tangible pleasures Tarhan emphasized that even the smallest cell in the human body reminds of Allah. Tarhan said, “If you can create a cell from scratch, you do it. It has been tried so much and so many things are carried out. There is carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, there is all of them and gather them together and create a cell. Do a cell from zero. When you want to create a moss cell, you cannot do it. How can this great universe without the artist? How is it possible that there is no creator for these cells and DNA? If there is a design, there is purpose, and if there is a purpose, there is definitely an external will. There is purposely behavior in human, there is free will and only humans have this. They determine a purpose and produce abstract thought. The abstract thinking is needed to produce purpose. The ability of abstract thinking only exists in humans and not in any other creature.  They have concrete thinking, eating, drinking, reproducing, taking shelter. When look at the current Hollywood philosophy, it is also eating, drinking, reproducing, taking shelter. What actually happened to the development level of the humanist is that we actually downgraded to the primitive level. Modern humanity has become beings that chase after tangible pleasures. That is, instead of humans chasing after abstract thinking, they become running around concreate thinking. The conscience here is that they live with these pleasures of eating, drinking, reproducing and taking a shelter.”.

“If there is a design, there is purpose and there is an external will where there is a purpose”

Tarhan stated that the universe is a great design and said, “At first they said the world and matter eternal and everlasting. When materialism first was introduced, they said that matter was eternal. They thought that sooner or later the cure for immortality would be found. Then, after the Big Bang appeared thirteen and a half billion years ago, the big bang happens. They view this as a color seen with the Hubble Telescope that stars leave behind. When it is viewed, behind all the planets the Earth and Sun are all included, there is an image of motion behind the stars going to one side. After that, they calculate it. The first eruption occurred thirteen billion years ago. The universe is independent of time and space. Time and space emerged with that first explosion. The substance came out with the first explosion. Since it is the first explosion of matter, the universe we call time and space is an amazing design. This design must have a designer, and this universe needs a purpose. If there is a design, if there is a designed work, there is a designer. If there is a designer, there must be a purpose. What is this purpose? Here you will search for the purpose of this world. Meaning and purpose. That's why they do not want to talk much about purpose.".

 “Metacognitive genes are the genes that differentiate humans from the other creatures”

Making remarks on explaining the existence of Allah and the afterlife with abstract thinking, Tarhan underlined that human beings are separated from other living beings with their ability to think abstractly. Tarhan said, “Four metacognitive genes are being researched in humans. One of them was found, which is the novelty search gene. Three other genes are currently under investigation. These are metacognitive genes. Metacognitive genes are the genes that distinguish humans from other living beings. Our genes are 95% the same as a chimpanzee. The fact that most of the chimpanzee and human genes are similar does not indicate that they are descended from each other, however, that the master who made that was the only one. In fact, if we look at evolution with this eye, we will see that the master is the only one and it was made by the same master because he used similar methods. It shows that it was done by the same hand. Other genes, the perception of death gene. No living creature except man knows that they will die. The second one is the sense of time gene. No living being except man knows the past and the future. They just live in the moment. Eat, drink, reproduce and shelter. There is no tangible pleasure in man. There is the novelty search gene.  There is Perception of death and abstract sense. Humans have the mental power to project the past and the future. These are abstract concepts. The fourth one is the search for meaning. There is a treatment technique called the search for meaning. No living being except man seeks meaning. These are abstract ideas. The anterior region of the brain is the region where abstract concepts develop. Humans have the ability to think abstractly. First, we need to know what we mean by abstract thought. Conceptual thinking is what we refer as abstract thinking, symbolic thinking. To be able to see the invisible through the mind, by imagining and realizing. It means seeing the existence of Allah with the five senses, seeing it through science, and seeing it using your mind. Since this world is a world of testing, God could have written "God is one and only" in the sky. He did not because those who use their minds and those who do not use their minds, those who pass the exam and those who do not pass will be one after death.”.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)