A cooperation protocol was signed between Üsküdar University and the Center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan

Executive Board Member of the Center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan and Head of Domestic Policy Analysis Department Prof. Tahira Allahyarova paid a visit to Üsküdar University. President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Advisor to the Rector and Director of Üsküdar University Human Values Education Application and Research Center (ÜDEMER) Prof. Sırrı Akbaba and the accompanying delegation were present during the visit. A protocol was signed between the center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan and Üsküdar University within the scope of cooperation.

Those who participated in the meeting held at Üsküdar University Main Campus Senate Hall are as follows; Üsküdar University Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Head of Corporate Communications Department Tahsin Aksu, Head of International Relations Department Peyman Jafari, Media PR Unit Manager Şaban Özdemir, Events Unit Manager Dağhan Rasim Işık and Media Relations Specialist Ayşe Nur Akçelik İlgeç.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: 'Our priority is to ensure cultural unity'

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan emphasized that the protocol signed between the center for Social Studies Center of Azerbaijan and Üsküdar University is a goodwill agreement. Prof. Tarhan said, “Study means to contemplate, to examine deeply. Inquiry means doing superficial research. In the Republic, we did everything from top to bottom. Aggressive westernization took place in Türkiye. When it is aggressive, the society is different, the upper stage is different. These aggressive sociological events are alive and occurs in 500 years. It does not change suddenly but it changes by digesting slowly. Sociological events are for that reason. We could not create our own model. That's why, a fit person is growing up in Türkiye right now. A person who totally thinks modernly. It is very important to give importance to social studies. The society needs to catch up with the age by preserving its own values and to do a social research for this. This is the most important experiment of social studies according to the expectations and needs of the society. Our first priority is to ensure a cultural unity in this world. Then, it is to continue this in our own geography of civilization. That's why these social and cultural studies are very important. In the definition of psychology, they gathered culture in three words. Mind, brain and culture. Without culture, people's mental health cannot be restored. An uncultured person cannot maintain their mental health. To develop the characteristics that make humans human, they must enter into social relations.”.

Prof. Tahira Allahyarova: “Üsküdar University is at the forefront of world science”

Prof. Tahira Allahyarova informed on the Azerbaijan Social Research Center. Prof. Allahyarova said, “We present the results of the analysis of the realities in the country together with the Presidency of the Research Center to the body of higher domination. We do not only influence our offers. What is observation? Accordingly, we are constantly preparing and presenting reports, closed and open documents. The President evaluates and is relying on us in his exits. So, what is the state policy like? Is it right? What observations are there? What problems are there? It was established for this purpose. This is our twelfth partner. We have our partners in China and Russia. I looked at Üsküdar University across Türkiye on the Internet. I saw that they were working at the forefront of world science. I said that the fact that there are very important research for the whole world makes us proud every day. I am sure that the signing of the protocol here today will affect our future research and future colleagues in a greater way. It is a start for the future between Üsküdar University and the Center for Social Study. I am confident that it will continuously accelerate in many other areas.”.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)