They gave voice to games and songs with their hearts and hands

Üskudar University Talking Hands Club organized an event for hearing impaired students with the title "Not them, Ignore their disability". Club members staged a theatrical show for the hearing impaired and gave voice to songs with their hands.

Üskudar University, Turkey's first and only thematic university in behavioral science and health field hosted an important event within  May 10-16 Disability Awareness Week. Üskudar University Talking Hands Club staged a drama and a concert performance for the hearing impaired.

Mehmet Said Aydoslu Hearing Impaired School students and their families attended "Not them, Ignore their disability" event that was held at Nermin Tarhan Hall.

Nursing Department students staged a theatrical performance which touched the audience, in which the child of a hearing impaired family dies solely because doctors do not know sign language and cannot exactly understand them.

Songs were voiced by hand and hearts. The mini concert of the club members were given a standing ovation. Mehmet Said Aydoslu Hearing Impaired School students’ dance performance was applauded by the audience.

Duet sign language performance captivated the participants.

A hearing impaired child was presented a hearing aid at the end of the cocktail.