Awarded Communications met with Prof. Nevzat Tarhan!

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication students who were awarded in the “8th Communicators of the Future Contest” held by Türkiye Radio and Television (TRT), meet with President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan. Tarhan congratulated the students and their professors due to the success they showed and bestowed his book titled ‘Conscious Youth’ to the participants.

In the meeting held in Üsküdar University Senate hall, those who participated are as follows: Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Dean Prof. Nazife Güngör, Head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer, Asst. Prof. Hale Yaylalı, Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros, Head of the Audiology Department within Faculty of Health Sciences Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan, Üsküdar University Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler and Head of Department of Corporate Communication Tahsin Aksu and Event Manager Rasim Dağhan Işık.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Positive feelings helps immune system”

President of Üsküdar University Nevzat Tarhan expressed that the biggest obstacle is the psychological obstacle. Prof. Tarhan said: “These works created a great empathy in students. Taking stories from their families, making them heard and carrying out that within a project give them feeling of success. It also has a positive impact of children. This feeling of ‘I won, I succeed.’ is a positive feeling. Positive feelings help and boost immune system. Succeeding a positive goal also reduce their stress. When we approach with exaggerated reactions to those having a certain obstacle, we lose them. You cannot communicate with them. That’s why we say do not interfere with disablement, privacy and their sacred values. It is their privacy. If everybody asks about their disablement every time, it means they heard it thousand times before. The biggest obstacle is a psychological obstacle. What restrains them is the psychological obstacle. Every individual has a different life story to involve in social life. All of them is a story of success.”.

“All sciences are part of a whole.”

Emphasizing that a holistic approach in science is important, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said: “Engineering, neuroscience, behavioral sciences, communication… All are common stands to reach a common goal. Sciences used to be accepted individually; however, sciences are accepted as holistic, that is, sciences are not different republics within themselves but there is a general integrity. They are part of a whole. This holistic approach in science has been for about 20 years.”

Prof.  Nazife Güngör: “We rank first among foundation universities”

Dean of the Communication Faculty within Üsküdar University Prof. Nazife Güngör made remarks on the importance of supports by lecturers and students’ motivation. Prof. Güngör said: “Nowadays, we always rank first in awards among foundation universities. This year, there are world-wide well-known names among participants of our 10th Communication Days event.  Four very esteemed scientists two of whom are from the USA and two of whom are from Europe. Therefore, it is also excellent with this regard. Support of our professors and motivation of our students are greatly important. Now, we are really number one among foundation universities with this kind of risings. This year’s Radio, Television and Cinema students are also excellent. There is a great motivation there.”.

Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis: “We really like life stories”

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Advertising Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis expressed that they cooperated with another department for the first time. Ntapiapis said: “We really like life stories. This year we narrated life stories of hearing-impaired individuals. We consultant with doctors who perform cochlear implant operations, we met with lawyers to learn what are their legal rights and then we carried out a project like this. Our project is now awarded with second place from TRT; however, we are waiting the results from Türkiye Journalists’ Association Aydın Doğan Foundation. It will be announced in March, next year.”.

Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan: “By working with their full effort, they made us proud”

Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Head of the Audiology Department Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan thanked students. Ceylan said: “I have been carrying out works to create a joint Project with the Faculty of Communication since I have started to work in Üsküdar University.  We had already a friendship with our esteemed instructor Nihal. It was a pleasure to carry out this Project together. Our students worked with their full effort and they made us proud.”.

Asst. Prof. Üyesi Hale Yaylalı: “Bölüm olarak çok verimli bir dönem geçirdik”

Üsküdar Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Radyo Televizyon ve Sinema Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Hale Yaylalı, yarışma sonuçlarının öğrenciler için çok büyük bir motivasyon kaynağı olduğuna dikkat çekti. Yaylalı; “Korona sonrasında bölüm olarak çok verimli bir dönem geçirdiğimizi düşünüyorum. Geçen sene gayet enerjik bir yıl ve hem dijital hem sesli hem görüntülü içerik üretiminde öğrencilerimiz gerçekten çok güzel işler başardı. Yüzlerce projenin katıldığı bir yarışmada ilk önce ilk ona kaldıklarında çok çok heyecanlandık. Çok mutluyuz. Bunun bir kartopu gibi büyüyeceğini düşünüyoruz. Hem bizim için büyük bir motivasyon hem de öğrencilerimiz için gerçekten güzel bir motivasyon oldu. Başarıları kat ve kat arttıracağımızı düşünüyoruz.” şeklinde konuştu.

Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer:” It became a great motivation to meet you”

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Head of the Radio, Television and Cinema Assoc. Prof. Esennur Sirer made remarks on works and graduation projects. Sirer said: “It became a great motivation to meet you.  We evaluate our graduation projects for a week in both February and June this year as we did in previous years. As each of professors within our department, we start preseason training for a week with all of our students.”.

Üsküdar won first place in the Podcast Category and second place in the Web Site category

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema students Salih Doğan and Eylül Oruç represented Üsküdar university in the Podcast subcategory of the Digital Broadcasting under the consultancy of Asst. Prof. Hale Yaylalı. Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relation student Zeynep Şahin and Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Audiology students Gizem Altın and Hayrunnia Arıcı represented Üsküdar University in the Website subcategory of the Digital Broadcasting under the consultancy of Asst. Prof. Nihal Toros Ntapiapis and Asst. Prof. Didem Şahin Ceylan.

Visit ended with a photo shoot with Faculty of Communication academicians and Communication students who were awarded.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)