Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “If you seek truth, you must be an activist”

“Existence Talk with President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan” was held this week with great interest of students as every week organized by Conscience of the Age Club with support of Üsküdar University Health, Culture and Sports (HCS) Department. Indicating that those who are seeking for truth in a modern age are volunteer for challenges, Tarhan said “We must be within the social life, that is the hard part. If you say I seek for truth in this age, you will be an activist by volunteering for challenges.”.

We need renaissance not reform”

Stating that new generation has difficulties to understand religious subjects, Tarhan underlined that religious discourse must be renewed in order for provisions of Qur’an to be understood easier. Indicating that Qur’an needs renaissance not reform, Tarhan said: “New generation does not understand something. That’s why, Islam does not need a reform, main rules are certain. Qur’an is very clear. Qur’an needs a renaissance. Renaissance means novation, renewal. Reform means forming again, change of structure, change of carcase of a building. That is why Islam needs a renaissance. It is more suitable to use a terminologically more correct concept.  Change in concept is not needed, however, a renewal is needed.”.

“If you seek truth, you must be an activist”

Underling that we must be within the social life in order to govern instead of being governed Tarhan said those who will follow truth are up for challenges. Tarhan said: “We must be in social life, that is the difficult part. If you say that I cannot help them otherwise my cloths will be dirty when a person you love falls into a swamp, it means you are selfish and not a good person. If you take that person out of the swamp, of course your cloths will get dirty but you will learn to clean it. That’s why, if you live in a social life, you will face these challenges. Despite of challenges, we will not give up on our goal. Otherwise, will be one of those who are only governed. Instead of being governed, we must be an activist who is up for challenges. If you say that I seek for truth in this age, you will be an activist.  Allah gives an opportunity to find truth for those who seeks the truth.”.

“If there is life after death, it means there must be meaning of this life” 

Indicating that desire for immortality in human is a sign that there is a life after death, Tarhan pointed out that this will be proved with metacognitive gen studies. Tarhan said: “Now there is a study to find a solution for youth by providing continuity of cell division. A human does not want to die, there is a desire for immortality within themselves. The creator who created human would have wanted to give them immortality, so that’s why, there is a desire for immortality. It is similar to have appetite, desire for eating. There is also desire for eternity. Now there are being researched, as metacognitive gen.  One of metacognitive gens are a gen for searching for meaning. Only humans have this.  The other gen is related to concept of time. Only creature that questions past and future is human. That is actually a gen for seeking eternity by humans. The other metacognitive gene is death perception. Other gens are seeking for the new, being open to new experiences. Other gens are also being researched because gens of a chimpanzee and human resemble 95%. Due to 5% difference, human becomes human. Those differences are gens related to abstract thinking, conceptual thinking and symbolic thinking. Humans are created with desires for immortality and eternity as distinct from animals. This feeling is the biggest proof that there is a life after death. Even though you believe it or not, there is a life after death. If there is a life after death, that means there is a meaning in this life.”.

“Chemicals goes from brain into heart are connected to heart with a universal energy”

Tarhan stated that database in universe is expressed as “Levh-i Mahfuz” (Preserved Slate) in Qur’an and made attention-grabbing remarks on creation stage of the universe, death, brain and heart connection. Tarhan said: “When a person dies, time refraction occurs with physics, and it is told that when you die, you pass to another dimension. Now, we are in the different energy band.  We will pass to a different energy band after we die. There is an energy database in the universe and there is an digital database over the energy database. The equivalence of digital database in Qur’an is main book that all information is preserved within.  Equivalence of digital database is Levh-i Mahfuz in Qur’an. Word equivalence of Levh-i Mahfuz is main book.  Respectively science, energy, substance and creature were created in the presence of Allah. Within that hierarchy, it is logical to explain death as time refraction. After we die, we die physically: however, it is like death of a computer, it starts to work again when you plug in. Electricity is here ‘life’ and ‘soul’ is a software program. What made computer die is actually to kill the software. If it is connected to the Internet, there is its own software. When a person dies, their software is gone. The connection between substance and soul disconnects. There is a fatwa by El-Ezher University that it is said that brain death is the real death. Because heart works in the brain death but brain is dead. Heart is actually a machine, a motor. The actual center is the brain. With chemicals goes through from brain to heart, the hear connects to a universal energy.  Heart is a mechanic creature. Soul is a software in our brain. Software is now a brain.”.

“Our mind decides, not our brain”

Stating that the existence of Allah can be proved scientifically, Tarhan expressed everything that can be questioned is within the reach of science. Tarhan said: “There was an experiment on person that includes p300 and p400 waves in neuroscience. If a person answers yes to a question asked to them, they are requested to press the white light.  When they answer yes, p300 wave emerges within 30 milliseconds. When they answered no, p500 wave emerges within 50 milliseconds. This means; brain responds to negative things more rapidly.  Our brain is more sensitive to threats. The decision-making mechanism is not our brain, it is the mind over our brain. There is one more brain above our brain. The brain I mention here is quantum brain. That is, there is a parallel brain above our quantum brain and it works as mind. Neuroscientists and those in the fields of psychiatry and psychology published “Materialist Manifesto” in America in 2014. I recommend you to read post materialism manifesto on our web site. I can say that a manifesto on ending of materialism.  Now, science is not only materialist.  If you can question the existence of Allah, that is also within the reach of science. If you say ‘I don’t question it, it is a belief.’, this is not science. Everything can be questioned is within the reach of science.  Verses of the Qur’an can be also questioned.  It is beneficial to read it through eyes of a creator that created this universe from zero. Not through eyes from a person build or perform.  When you read through eyes of a might that can create everything from zero, it can lead a reminiscence ‘what is it wanted from me?’.”.

“Existence of Allah is proven with the calculus of probabilities”

Human has a search of meaning. Those without search of meaning live their lives badly. They fall for substances, they apply to bad things. Humanity deceives themselves to reach the truth. Modernism deceives humans, it deceives us in the search of truth. They cover the truth with negligence and deception.  The calculus of probabilities is now the most used method in medicine. We can find whether a medication will be useful or harmful by providing 80-90% estimates with the calculus of probabilities. The proof is obtained with the calculus of probabilities. When you obtained the proof with the calculus of probabilities and mathematical calculus, existence of one sole creator is the highest possibility. You can reach Allah with the calculus of probabilities. In the book titles ‘Journey from Mind to Heart’, I give place considerably to Straight A Model, matchstick logic. We can reach Allah with the calculus of probabilities. A village cannot be without a chief.  A letter cannot be without a writer.  How this grand universe can be without a chief, constructor or owner. We need to contemplate on this.”.

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