Illustration presents a wide career field…

Illustration, which is closer to the language of visual communication, attracts great attention thanks to its wide use and career opportunities. Stating that digital illustrations are frequently encountered in the NFT world, which has been rapidly increasing recently, experts indicate that especially collections created from digital characters can be followed by large audiences and imitated with different variations.   Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen points out that it is now much easier to get together with collectors, whose art is not possible to deliver, thanks to NFT.

Collectors can easily gather together thanks to NFT

From Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Cartoon and Animation, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen made remarks on illustration and NFT technology, which has become more popular in recent years.

NFT is on the rise

Stating that NFT, that is, Non-Fungible-Token (a valuable asset that cannot be changed) has recently started to rise rapidly and has started to be on the agenda of many people, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said: “This system can basically be expressed as being a collector in the digital world. Works that can be qualified as NFTs can be anything from an illustration, to a video or to a tweet. In the NFT working system, works are purchased with a digital wallet and cryptocurrency Ether, and encrypted with the blockchain technology, which is the basis of cryptocurrencies, in a way to belong only to the owner. In this way, it is registered that the original work belongs to the person.”.

Collections can be imitated

Stating that the word illustration derives from the Latin word “lustrare”, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said: “Illustration means illuminating and making it understandable. In other words, it helps to describe a text, a situation and a concept to make it understandable. Therefore, it is closer to a visual communication language by being separated from art. Illustrations can be presented in different techniques and formats. It is possible to come across digital illustrations frequently in the NFT world. Especially collections created from digital characters can be followed by large audiences and imitated with different variations.”.

It can be used in very large areas

Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said: "One of the reasons why illustration attracts so much attention is that it can be used in a wide range of areas." and continued: “Illustration is a powerful visual communication method to provide us to visualize many abstract and concrete subjects. It also has a wide career field. That's why it is frequently used and always maintains its popularity. For this reason, we provide illustration education from the second grade under the Department of Visual Communication Design at Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication.”.

It makes it easier to meet with collectors

Stating that NFT is a digital large market where provides the opportunities to follow new techniques and formations, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said “It is very interesting to create a digital marketplace for art and design products. This formation provides the opportunity to share collections or works with people from different cultures, therefore, reaching larger audiences. For example, it has become much easier to come together with a collector whose work cannot be delivered.”.

Artificial intelligence is developing in the field of illustration

Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said that there is actually a bigger picture that should not be missed While talking about the relationship between NFT and illustration and continued:

“Artificial intelligence, which is one of the powerful symbols of technology, is developing day by day in the field of illustration. Openai company announced GPT-3 Dall-e, which we can described as a text-based data visualization, in January 2021. The illustrations made by Dall-e are important in terms of being a concrete outcome of how close artificial intelligence is to human limits. The Gpt 3 Dall-e 2, announced in 2022, seems much more advanced than the model announced in 2021. Realistic visuals, compositions and the resolution quality of the works are much better than the previous year. In the future, the future of art and design products will be shaped through artificial intelligence.”.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)