Üsküdar University ‘International Brand Awareness Focus' 4th Vision Meeting

Üsküdar University prioritizes the quality of education and therefore, continues to carry out its work with the aim to make our country as an education base on the international arena. Üsküdar University continues its Vision Meetings non-stop within the scope of the above-mentioned objectives. Fourth of the organization with a theme of “International Brand Awareness Focus” was held within this scope under the moderatorship of Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan.

Üsküdar University continues its Vision meetings that have become a tradition.  Üsküdar University which is the leader of innovation held the first meeting in 2019 and later the university organized 2nd and 3rd meeting under the name of “Digitalization” and “R&D and Innovative Policies Focus”.  Now, Üsküdar University added another vision meeting by hosting a “International Brand Awareness Focus” 4th Vision Meeting.

Within the Turquality Brand Support Program, the meeting organized by Deloitte Türkiye was held in the Main Campus Kuleli Conference Hall. Those who have participated in the meeting are as follows: Üsküdar University President and President of Supreme Council of Management Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Deputy President Mehmet Zelka, Chairperson of Board of Trustee Committee Furkan Tarhan, Supreme Council of Management Member and IDER Foundation Management Council Member Fırat Tarhan and Vice Presidents, President Advisors, Deans, Head of Departments, research center director and Deloitte Türkiye representatives.

It was discussed to bring Üsküdar University’s strategies to the top level under the titles of people, students, academicians, professionals, universities and institutional structures in the workshop groups and there were some suggestions presented by asking the questions “which aspects must be developed on the strategy that the university will follow?”, “what are our objectives?”, “what should we do?”.

Intuitional goals, strategies and applications were discussed in the meeting and some determination and discussion on a general work plan were carried out within the framework of general participation.

In the meeting lasted for a day and which was quite productive, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that as a university we got the best of the meeting.

Tarhan said that they will continue to hold vision meetings.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)