Scientists signed an international 20-item agreement for brain health

Balkans and Middle East Brain Initiative Summit was held between 1-3 July by Üsküdar University and Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT). About 50 scientists from the USA, England, Indonesia, Egypt and Iran who carry out global studies on brain mapping, signed a 20-item agreement at the end of the summit where latest developments on brain diseases and treatments. International delegation called policymakers to formulize brain health, disorders and wellness policies according to scientific data.

Üsküdar University hosted an important 3-day summit in the Üsküdar University NP Health Campus with the Balkans and Middle East Brain Initiative Summit where it is aimed to create a local consortium on brain, spine and mental health in Balkans and Middle East. Distinguished scientists from Türkiye and various countries of the world gathered in the summit where, neurological disorders seen in Balkans and Middle East, policies on neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, psychiatry, neurotechnology and neuroengineering are discussed.

They reached a 20-item agreement 

The summit was very productive and it was broadcasted live on Üsküdar TV and the Official YouTube channel of Üsküdar University. At the end of the summit, an international 20-item was signed on 20 strategic matters to develop multi-disciplinary cooperation between countries.

These statements are written in the agreement:

N20 Initiative has reached a 20-item agreement on the USA, Middle East and Indonesia delegations, accelerating neuro-diagnosis and treatments via transformation, sharing, integration and commoditizing of neurotechnology, and realizing an international partnership to implement it.

International delegation accepts to share resources, data, information, technology and education programs that will develop a multidisciplinary cooperation between countries in 20 strategic points via a well-defined and protected intellectual property system:

1- To define mutually-beneficial and multilateral projects besides adopting an consortium approach to examine human brain in ME+Brain and N20 Summits,

2- To carry out courses for primary care health professionals for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatrist/ neurodegenerative disorders/ Alzheimer’s Diseases and dementia,

3-To create a preventive and an estimation based diagnosis and prediction models in standardization of data share, distribution and use, and to congenialize Middle east and Global, N20,

4- To prioritize neuro-economical evaluation of prospective effects of predictive, preventive, diagnostic and prognostic measurements in brain, mental and spin disorders in Middle East, Balkans and North Africa,

5- To ease translation, integration and commoditize of neuro-technologies based on innovation and research,

6- To organize K-12 education (bio-behavior courses) to raise awareness on brain and behavior health in individuals,

7- To integrate local big data, biobanks and clinics for neuro-psychiatric/spine disorders in Middle East into a local database in accordance with regional and local regulation,

8- To adopt a patient-centered and inclusive approach which is based on research, education, advocacy and innovation for neuro-psychiatric/ spine disorders,

9- To educate society on ‘brain’ awareness, for instance, to teach techniques such as mediation based on breathing and psychological endurance,

10- To create non-invasive neuro-scanning methods (brain, behavior and mental health) with an affordable cost and to apply them,

11- To combine regulations on N20/ ME+ and guidelines in order to discover and develop clinical experiments, tele-health and medication device combination,

12- To create global partnership and new financing plans for N20 initiatives (basic and clinical science) between academicians, medicine associations, education, government, industry, profit-oriented and non-profit organizations,

13- To include policies in N20/ ME+ initiative, which are developed by global organization such as WHO, NIH, World Bank, National Fund Institution, IMF, World Economic Forum, UNESCO, IFC and UN, industry leaders, parliaments, the USA Congress and White House,

14- To address minorities that they are not represented adequately, communities/clinics that receive an inadequately service and projects within the cooperation with global institutions that are mentioned at 13th item beside regional, local management and NGOs in order to encourage quality and equality in care,

15- To expand ME+ Initiative in North Africa and Balkans,

16- To carry out strategic cooperation between governmental institutions to ease above-mentioned directive,

17- To discuss mental health needs of caretakers and health care providers,

18- To develop and expand Women in Neuroscience Group (WING) in order to educate and raise new generation female scientist in the area,

19-To examine neuro-psychiatric needs of elderly and children,

20- To make the partnership permanent for the above-mentioned goals

Primary Agenda:

A) India Brain Initiative, 12-15 October 2022
B) N20 in Indonesia, 12-14 October 2022
C) To Prepare a follow-up report forN20/ME+ initiative
D) To determine place and date for second annual ME+ summit

International delegation called policymakers to formulize brain health, disorders and wellness policies according to scientific data.

Participants were given a certificate

A certificate of participation was given to the participants of the summit where a 20-item agreement was signed.