Prof Dr Tarhan: “We have left our mark on the Oscar of Communication”

Communication students, who were deemed worthy of awards and achieved success in the 32nd Young Communicators Competition organized by the Journalists' Association of Turkey and the Aydın Dogan Foundation this year, met with Uskudar University Founding Rector Prof Dr Nevzat Tarhan. Congratulating the students and advisors, Tarhan said that they left their mark on the Oscar of Communication.

“It is your responsibility to do pleasant things, and our responsibility to appreciate and encourage you”

The students who shared their awards and works with Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan expressed their happiness, while Tarhan congratulated the students with the following words: “First of all, I would like to congratulate all young people individually Mrs. Nazife, Sir Suleyman and my other dear teachers. I would like to thank them for representing our university very nicely there. We know that you have done this by making great efforts with such qualified studies. We just said let's not congratulate from screen to screen in such a virtual environment, let's congratulate it cordially. It will be better to talk to our young friends by meeting them face to face. It is important to continue the same excitement with new staff every new year. Our ancestors had a beautiful saying: "Ingenuity is subject to compliment". It is the skill we call ingenuity. Skill is subject to compliments, so what is a compliment? Reward, and gift. In other words, for a person's talents to develop, for the skill to turn it into talent, he must receive a kind of appreciation, praise, and approval. A compliment should be encouraged. In other words, it is your problem that you do something nice, but it is our responsibility to see them, appreciate them, and encourage them. I hope it will continue this way.”


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)