The 5th Outstanding Humanitarian Values Awards are presented to their owners

The Outstanding Humanitarian Values Awards is actualized for their fifth time, which is awarded by Üsküdar University Senate to individuals and institutions that are exemplary in the field by the public in order to sustain 24 gold values. Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, TEMA Honorary Chairman deceased Hayrettin Karaca, Philosophical Society of Turkey President Prof. Ioanna Kuçuradi, Scientist Prof. Banu Onaral, State Theater Artist Turgay Tanülkü, Writer-Academician Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan, Mayor of Tuzla Dr. Şadi Yazıcı and Mahmud El Osman, one of the heroes of the Elazig earthquake received their awards at the ceremony. 
Prof. Nevzat Tarhan presented the awards and stated the following, “The rankings of values have changed worldwide, money has been placed first, but it does not bring happiness. Turkish society should take care of its values because Positive Psychology, where these values are shown as modules, is now taught as a lesson in the world's leading universities as a scientific field.” There were emotional moments at the ceremony…

Üsküdar University considers it a duty to sustain 24 gold values such as Innovation, Justice, Honesty, Compassion, Transparency, Courage, Empathy and Responsibility, Trust and Loyalty, Humility, Solidarity, Salutation, Sincerity, Forgiveness, Generosity, Sacrifice, Gratitude, Pluralism, Participation, Freedom, Accountability and such. To this end, each year, the “Outstanding Humanitarian Values Awards” are presented to the people and institutions that Üsküdar University Senate deems worthy of.
Üsküdar University Senate presented the 5th Oustanding Humanitarian Values Awards to Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, TEMA Honorary Chairman deceased Hayrettin Karaca, Philosophical Society of Turkey President Prof. Ioanna Kuçuradi, Scientist Prof. Banu Onaral, State Theater Artist Turgay Tanülkü, Writer-Academician Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan, Mayor of Tuzla Dr. Şadi Yazıcı and Mahmud El Osman, one of the heroes of the Elazig earthquake.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Society's understanding of value has changed”

While delivering the opening speech of the award ceremony, which was held in the Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that he searched for the highest value in the search engine before the award ceremony and that the first ranking was money. He continued, “This shows that human values are being thrown into the second or even third in the rankings. People have mixed up their importance and priorities. We see that most mothers need to deal with their children at home, by giving them a tablet or phone, allowing them to linger with other things. They are also doing other things in the meantime, that is, putting their children to the second plan. The fathers act as if their only responsibilities are to support the house, and when they bring money to the house, they accept it as if they have completed their duties. In fact, their responsibility to his wife and children should be in the first place. Here, we see that role sharing cannot be done properly.”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Global unhappiness crisis is coming to Turkey”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that money raises social life standards but does not bring happiness to people. He continued his words as follows: “We cannot see happy people, especially in American society. People of Manhattan live to a very high standard, but when you look at the houses in those skyscrapers, most people use antidepressant drugs, and even antidepressant residues were found in the sewage water analysis. Another D was added to the emotions, thoughts and behaviors once expressed in 3D in psychology. It is values. It was acknowledged that values are an important need in America and England. Positive Psychology emerged as a branch of science as a result of the work of Seligman in America. The values we list today as 24 gold values are taught as Positive Psychology courses as modules at the leading universities in the world. They are trying to gain the values we have determined while giving awards here through education. If you do, they give advice such as whether you are happy or unhappy. This is a global crisis of the last few years and unhappiness can also be seen in Turkey.”

Being smart and successful is not enough; being a good person is important”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that in ancient times, solidarity was rejected in capital systems. He said, “Friedrich Nietzsche saw charity unnecessary. However, investing in values is a wise investment. If we cannot integrate the values into the mind map of the human, we will raise children who are not helpful. It is important to be successful, smart or hardworking in societies, but being a good person is added to these criteria. They could also be clever and accomplished cheaters, if they had been taught to be good people, they would not have taken such actions.”

Award is presented to Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca

Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca was presented the Outstanding Humanitarian Values Award by Üsküdar University for his “contribution to health promotion and his outstanding success in crisis management in health”. 22th, 23rd and 24th term Deputy Halide İncekara received the award on behalf of Koca. Halide İncekara stated that this year started with many difficulties. She said, “It is up to me to thank all the public officials, our soldiers, their power, opposition and politicians, and everybody who supported us with successful works.” Halide İncekara, noted that she has been involved in studies for children in prison due to the TBMM Research Commission for years. İncekara shared that she wants to collaborate with artist Turgay Tanülkü in the future.

State Artist Turgay Tanülkü: “This country taught me goodness”

State Theater Artist Turgay Tanülkü received his award for the use of his profession for the sake of goodness and his benevolence for his approach that sees prison as 'Medrese-i Yusufiye'.

Tanülkü while was unable to hold tears in his speech at the ceremony, stated that he received this award on behalf of 725 children currently in prison. He shared, “Actually, this country taught me goodness. I was in an orphanage. My father died at an early age. When my mother put the same soup for three days and we would not like it. My mother used to say, "Look at the streets." I did not understand. I learned to look at the street at the age of 16. There were those who were worse on the street than we were and when I was 17 I went to prison. I owe a lot to this country. After the Creator, I owe it to the people of this country. The state always looked after me as well as the taxes of the citizens. Therefore, I am grateful to the people of this country. I am not doing good, actually, I am doing good to myself. I share what I miss with my children. Whenever the child in prison swings together with the street children, and the street children with the child in your house on the same swing, then you will find peace in my country.”

Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan: “Today's most important power source will be values from now on”

Writer-Academician Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan received the award for his work, which describes life as an invisible university and contributes to the Generation of Asım with the words of Mehmet Akif.

Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan thanked Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and the selection committee for the award. He continued, “We need human values more than ever. Just as agricultural societies have turned into industrial societies, and industrial societies have transformed into information societies, information societies must definitely turn into value societies in the coming years. The most important power source of today will be the values from now on. 24 values are very important for the future of the world. Valuable information is always devastating.”

Dr. Şadi Yazıcı: “We made an effort to generate a city and society that ruled with people with values.”
Mayor of Tuzla Dr. Şadi Yazıcı received the award for his works supporting municipal services, human development and democratic values that are at peace with our core values.

Şadi Yazıcı stated the following, “We pointed out our social responsibility, social responsibility in our city, which is entrusted to us as my city. We have made the effort and effort not only to generate a successful society in terms of both public health and individual and human values, but to create a city and society that manage with people with these values.”

Award to Hayrettin Karaca: “Mr. Karaca believed in Anatolian culture very much”

Award was given to the Honorary President of TEMA Foundation the late Hayrettin Karaca, for his “peaceful life with nature, respect for nature and the role of being an example for future generations”. The award of Hayrettin Karaca was presented to Deniz Ataç, the Chairman of the Board of TEMA Foundation.

Deniz Ataç tated that Hayrettin Karaca loves children and youth very much and gives importance to being together with them. She continued, “Hayrettin Karaca was a person who explained how important the life and water, especially the land, is the human being, and that man should live with them as a part of nature only. He really believed in Anatolian culture. He thought that the peace in the world would be rooted in Anatolian culture and he would always explain it. Another issue he gave importance was his belief in Turkish language. He reacted very seriously to those who used foreign words. He used to say that if language dies, culture dies, if culture dies, everything dies.”

Prof. İoanna Kuçuradi could not attend the ceremony

Philosophical Society of Turkey President Prof. İonna Kuçuradi received her award for her unique contributions of human values that add a new vision to the role of philosophy. While she could not attend the ceremony due to an accident, her award was presented to Maltepe University Faculty Member Dr. Bergen Coşkun Özüaydın.

Özüaydın stated she was very much impressed by the stories of other individuals receiving awards. She said, “I have been working with Prof. İoanna for about 10 years. I learned a lot from her, 24 gold values counted here and much more.”

Award to Prof. Banu Onaral 

Scientist Prof. Banu Onaral received the award due to the contributions of young people to science and how they show how important human values are in the laboratory and combine them with science.

Scientist Prof. Banu Onaral could not attend the ceremony as she was aborad. Therefore, her nephew Emir Uzunoğlu received the award on behalf of her. Emir Uzunoğlu shared the following, “Prof. Banu Onaral, really wanted to attend the ceremony. Onaral works at Drexel University on biomedical and brain. In this sense, I link the studies of Üsküdar University on brain as well. It was a very meaningful and valuable award. Thank you very much.”

The symbolic name of the Elazığ earthquake also received an award

Mahmud El Osman, one of the symbols of the Elazığ earthquake, is deemed worthy of an award for his “superior effort with the help of earthquake survivors with high humanitarian motivation without waiting for any response”.

Osman thanked everyone for the award.

Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Üsküdar University Deputy President Prof. Mehmet Zelka, Üsküdar University Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk, Üsküdar University Advisor to the President Prof. Tayfun Uzbay, Üsküdar University Advisor to the President Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, Üsküdar University Advisor to the President Halide İncekara, Üsküdar University Advisor to the President Prof. Sırrı Akbaba, Üsküdar University Head of Philosophy Department Prof. İbrahim Özdemir, Deputy Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) Prof. Sevim Işık and Üsküdar University Faculty Member Memduh Serin attended the ceremony.

Scholarships will be given to students on behalf of the awarded individuals and organizations

Individuals and institutions to which YİDER Awards are presented, are granted a tree certificate from the TEMA Foundation. In addition, a scholarship will be given to one student in the 2020-2021 Academic Year on behalf of each person and organization that received an award.

The award ceremony, which was broadcast live by Üsküdar University Television (ÜÜ TV), ended with the participants having their photos taken together.

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