Üsküdar family became hope for those little hands…

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.47894

Within the scope of the social responsibility project of Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication, Visual Communication Design Department, an event titled "Little Hands, Big Expectations" was organized with the support of the Haydi Tut Elimi Association. The people of Üsküdar, who came together with the students at Kastamonu Atabeyli Secondary School, brought the collected donations together with little hands.

The event was attended by Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, Asst. Prof. Fatma Turan, Haydi Tut Elimi (Hold My Hand) Association Secretary Ayşe Banu Güngenci, Haydi Tut Elimi Association Board Members Serpil Tarhan and Ayşegül Shape and students attended.

The idea owner of the project, Burcu Genç, a 3rd year student of Visual Communication Design at Üsküdar University, was also there for the little hands.

A team of 30 people visited Atabeyli Secondary School in İnebolu district of Kastamonu and carried out activities with children. Volunteers collected beautiful and meaningful memories with the children.

Asst. Prof. Fatma Turan: "It was worth our efforts to leave pleasant memories"

Expressing that since they are doing something very valuable, the Department of Psychology Asst. Prof. Fatma Turan made the following remarks: "First of all, I was very, very happy to see the bright looks of the teachers in the village we went to and their highly motivated care of the children there. My hopes for them and for our children have increased even more. We have done something very valuable. Likewise, seeing the light in our team's eyes made me very happy. It was worth our effort to leave pleasant memories. Who knows who we went for, we will never know, but somehow they held our hands and somehow we held their hands and hearts."

Ayşe Banu Güngenci: "Witnessing the smiles on faces is an indescribably beautiful feeling"

Ayşe Banu Güngenci, Secretary General of the Haydi Tut Elimi Association expressed that "In our “Little Hands, Big Hopes' event, it is an indescribably beautiful feeling to touch tiny hands, tiny hearts, and witness the smiles on those beautiful faces. Our excitement when we set off was replaced by peace and happiness on our return. As the Haydi Tut Elimi Association, we hope to meet in many events."

They had a fun time together...

Children’s enjoyed some time with face and hand paint activites within the scope of the event. Events were held with clowns and magicians. The team, which met with intense interest, also experienced emotional moments from time to time.

Volunteers, including Sezin Okulları, also donated toys, stationery and reading books to the children.

In the continuation of the event, a science workshop was held, and candies and balloons were distributed to the children.


News- Photography: Ayşenur Özdemir

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)