Üsküdar University continues its success in sports as well

Üsküdar University Sports Team achieved the success to play the quarter-final matches in March by completing the group matches of the first four organized at University football, indoor football and basketball 1st League organized by Turkey University Sports Federation (TUSF).

Üsküdar University, which makes a name also by its success in sports, achieved great success in in football, indoor football and basketball.

The following matches will be played in order to advance to the Super League;

Against A Group 3rd place Koç University in basketball,

Against A Group 2nd place Aydın University in indoor football,

Against B Group 1st place Gelişim University in football.

TUSF 2nd League Women's Volleyball team will play against Işık University in March quarterfinal match in order to advance to 1st League as they have been undefeated in group C.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)