Department of Forensic Sciences has broken new grounds in Turkey

Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Forensic Sciences 3rd grade students have broken new grounds in Turkey. The 3rd grade students of the Forensic Sciences Department conducted an open field crime scene investigation.

Director of the Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences Prof. Sevil Atasoy led the training. Head of Department of Chemical-Biological Engineering Asst. Prof. Kaan Yılancıoğlu, Asst. Prof. Tuğba Ünsal, Asst. Prof. Aylin Yalçın Sarıbey and Researcher Kemal Akın joined the training.

Department of Forensic Sciences was in field application

The third grade students of the Forensic Sciences Department were given open-field case study training at the academic environment. One on one application was conducted with the students. Students found the evidence that the instructors placed in the course allocated to them in three teams during the training.

Prof. Atasoy: “Crime scene investigation training was conducted for the first time in the academic environment in Turkey”

The crime scene investigation in the academic environment is generated for the first time in Turkey and Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that they will proceed to the collection of evidence in the following days.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)