The first event of Üsküdar Medical Club was actualized!

Üsküdar University Medical Club performed its first activities. The event was held on November 14, World Diabetes Day. Speakers of the event was Üsküdar University Advisor to President Prof. Tayfun Uzbay, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Haydar Sur and Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases Specialist Assoc. Prof. Ferit Kerim Küçükler.

Diabetes was discussed from different aspects in the event held in the Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall.

“Diabetes and obesity walk arm in arm”

Prof. Tayfun Uzbay delivered the opening speech of the event and stated, “The prevalence of diabetes in Turkey is close to 34%. The most common cause of diabetes is malnutrition. Bad eating habits are the biggest problems of our age. Diabetes and obesity walk hand in hand. Nutrition is very, very important in diabetes.”

“The alternative to medicine is still in medicine”

Prof. Uzbay went on to mention the error of turning to alternative medicine, which is frequently done especially in Turkish society. He said; “Medicine is a field of science. The scientific locomotive of the world is medicine. It is a mistake to seek remedies in a science such as medicine in alternative medicine and to ignore the blessings of medicine. Alternative medicine also requires expertise. There are ethical rules and conditions. There is no field outside of medicine that complements medicine. The alternative of medicine is still in medicine.”

“Eat Healthy and do sports”

Prof. Haydar Sur talked about obesity and diabetes. He pointed out that increased weight gain triggers diabetes. He said, “We need to balance the weight gain by burning calories from what we eat and not be afraid to move. We need to spend time for sports in order to be healthy. Consuming packaged foods, inactivity and long working hours, together with weight gain, generate people to diabetes.”

“Don't surrender to obesity”

Prof. Sur stressed the key point of medical science in people's lives. He said, “You're medical students. You are all examples. Live your life in such a way that you become an example to your patients and then to those around you. Medicine is conducive to a healthy life. Don't surrender to obesity.”

“Eight million people have diabetes in Turkey”

Assoc. Prof. Ferit Kerim Küçükler mentioned in the beginning of his speech and drew attention to diabetes in Turkey and in the world. He said; “By a rough estimate of eight million people have diabetes in Turkey. 425 million people live with diabetes in the world. In addition, seven million people are diagnosed with diabetes each year. These are very risky figures.”

“Diabetes affects many systems in our body”

Küçükler pointed out that diabetes is a disease that should not be underestimated. He said; “Diabetes affects many systems in our body. It has the potential to cause damage everywhere. At the same time, diabetes reduces life expectancy by 5-10 years.”

The event ended after the presentation of plaques and collective souvenir photography.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)