Erasmus students shared their experiences

Students who benefited from Erasmus internship and learning mobility within Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences shared their experiences in the “Erasmus Unknown” program.
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Vice Dean and Head of the Department of Bioengineering Prof. Tuba Sevimoğlu and Deputy Head of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) Dr. Shirin Tarbiat moderated the program and received great attention.

Students told their stories

Some of the presentations were made in English and the other part was in Turkish at the event held in the Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall.
Foreign students also participated in the event and many questions of the students were answered. The stories of the students who shared different experiences also attracted great interest.

Many students benefit from Erasmus internship and study mobility

Dr. Sevimoğlu delivered the opening speech. Dr. Sevimoğlu stated that many students studying in Bioengineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics departments of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences benefit from Erasmus internship and learning mobility. Dr. Sevimoğlu stated that Erasmus students wanted to share their experiences in this program and create incentives for students studying in other departments.

Information about Erasmus was provided

At the beginning of the program, Özge Alacakoç from the Directorate of International Office explained the requirements for going to Europe with Erasmus, the periods of study and internship, the amount of grants given and how the amount of these grants vary from country to country. Alacakoç answered the questions from students who were curious during the program.

Celil Eren Kalkan: “Course selection is important”

Celil Eren Kalkan, a 3rd year Computer Engineering student who had studied in Lodz, Poland through Erasmus, presented her experiences to the participants. Kalkan said that the department is a branch away from engineering outside of our country, while expressing the differences caused by this and also stressed the importance of course selection.

Kalkan, " The most important point of Erasmus is cultural interaction”

Kalkan said that the most important experience when it comes to Erasmus is cultural interaction. Kalkan said, " The most important point of Erasmus is cultural interaction. During Erasmus I made friends by making friends from the furthest corners of the world from China to Brazil, It is not possible to find such an opportunity elsewhere. Such an organization in which everyone in your environment is from different nationalities is an opportunity that should not be missed.”

Internship in Barcelona! 

Mehmet Yunus Çomar, 4th year Molecular Biology and Genetics student and Bioengineering student, told about his internship at Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca in Barcelona. Çomar explained that he did his internship at the research hospital instead of university and learned many techniques there. Çomar talked about Barcelona city life and Spain / Portugal culture by mentioning that they can do internships in these places instead of universities.

Ebru Destan: “Cambridge was difficult but enjoyable”

Ebru Destan, who is a 4th year Bioengineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics student, informed the rest of the students about her Erasmus internship at Cambridge University. Ebru Destan emphasized that this process is very challenging but enjoyable. Destan shared her experiences and methods she learned about the field by stating that she contributed to the future of her studies. She shared that there were many difficulties in this process, but that good things cannot be easily achieved.

Özge Gül: “I've discovered beautiful places”

Özge Gül, a graduate of bioengineering and a senior in Industrial and Systems Engineering, talked about South Bohemia University, where she worked, and shared her experiences of the field trips. She talked about her experiences abroad such as debit card, ISIC card usage. Gül stated that while the processes such as Erasmus exam, finding place for internship and accommodation, visa procedures are difficult and long,but nevertheless discovering new places is worth everything.

Uğur Coşkun: “Don't give up, even if you don't get a positive response”

4th Grade Molecular Biology and Genetics student Uğur Coşkun informed the students about his internship at "Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology" in Poland. Coşkun stated at the beginning of his speech as he talked about the issues to be considered in the process of finding an internship places. He said that they may not get a positive response from many professors in this process, but they should never give up. Afterwards, he gave detailed information about her project "Fear Memory Extinction in Mice". He drew attention to the possibilities of the Nencki Institute in the field of Neuroscience.

“We visited many cities in the weekends”

Grade 4 Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) students Özlem Özge Yılmaz and Tolga Polat gave information about their internships in Potsdam. Yılmaz completed the internship at Plan Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces ” and Pola at “Max Planck of Plant Physiology”. In his speeches, Yılmaz and Polat talked about the projects they have done during the internship process. They also used their weekends during their internship and visited many cities. They shared how they planned their trips and how the students going to Erasmus could make the cost of the trip convenient.

Students who contributed to the program took photos with Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Head of Bioengineering Department Dr. Sevimoğlu.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)