Dr. Alain Gregoire attended MIMHARC’s first meeting

Üsküdar University Mother Infant Mental Health Application and Research Center’s (MIMHARC) first meeting was conducted. University of Southampton Honorary Senior Lecturer and Perinatal Psychiatrist Dr. Alain Gregoire who conducts important global activities in the field of mother and infant mental health, also attended the meeting.

The event was held in Salacak Meeting Hall of Üsküdar University Çarşı Campus and was initiated by MIMHARC Director, Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology faculty member Prof. Nazan Aydın. Prof. Aydın informed about the mission and vision of the center.

Dr. Alain Gregoire: “I'm here to help you”

After the participants introduced themselves, Psychiatrist Dr. Alain Gregoire touched upon his work in the field of mother-infant mental health and the purpose of meeting. Dr. Gregoire said, “The only reason I'm here is to help you. I have been working as a coordinator for a while, especially in the UK and now I'm doing it worldwide. I am here is for coordination purposes. I am the coordinator and there is a democratic structure here in Turkey and it has a much decentralized way here. I'm here to help you with what you can accomplish.”

Prof. Aydın: “One of our goals is to bring different disciplines together”

Prof. Nazan Aydın shared about the operation of the center and its aims. Aydın said, “It is very important that people from different disciplines are here because it is needed. One of our goals is to bring together different disciplines such as midwifery, nursing, newborn, gynecology and so on”.

Prof. Aydın: “We can conduct academic and clinical studies”

Prof. Aydın touched upon the studies that can be achieved as Üsküdar University in the field of mother infant mental health issues. Prof. Aydın continued, “As Üsküdar University, we can do academic and clinical studies. I see the academic part as a great source of population because we have many students here and these students conduct research and conduct their theses. Our research and presenting the available data is an important force for our students, but here we can support our students through the cooperation of departments, not as individuals. Therefore, we can make them part of a very important study and this shall motivate them.”

Mother infant mental health issues are evaluated in different branches

The meeting dealt with in different branches of the lack of mother-infant mental health issues in Turkey and they were also discussed within the framework of what is happening in each branch. Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology Asst. Prof. Oğuz Omay shared the mother infant mental health issues in France and Switzerland.

At the end of the meeting, the targets of the MIMHARC were determined for the next year, the division of labor was planned as the date of the next meeting was organized.

The meeting ended after a family photo shoot.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)