2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester Undergraduate, Graduate and Associate Degree Students Registration

2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester Undergraduate, Graduate and Associate Degree Students Registration 
2019-2020 academic year fall semester Undergraduate-Graduate-Associate degree students will be enrolled between 07-13 October 2019.
Course registration and dropping will be held between 14-20 October 2019. (Course selection can also be done during this period.)
1- Our students will select their courses through the course selection screen in the Student Information System (OBS).
2- Selected courses should be approved by their advisors. (Unapproved courses will not be accepted as taken courses.)
3- The advisor will sign and receive a copy of the registration confirmation report.
4- Students who want to meet with the advisor about the course registration process can contact via STIX system.
Student counseling procedures will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of our University Student Counseling Directive. https://cdn.uskudar.edu.tr/uploads/files/2017/10/02/ogrenci-danismanligi-yonergesi.pdf

Important Notes for Undergraduate-Associate Degree Students
  • The course registrations for our first year students are done automatically. These students do not need to take any action on course registration. Only that students must enter the Student Information System to check that their course assignments have been made.
  • Only 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade students are required to register for a course through the Student Information System (OBS).
  • Students must primarily register for courses that they have failed in the previous semesters and the courses they have not taken before. During the registration of these courses, the order of the courses from previous semester should be complied with. Courses that are taken out of the curriculum and which are not opened will be replaced by other courses.
  • our students’ credit load per semester is 30 ECTS and the maximum credit load is 45 ECTS.
  • With the approval of their advisors, students can take the courses they have successfully passed in order to increase their grades. The last grade is valid regardless of the previous grade.
  • 1st year students cannot take courses from the future year’s curriculum.
  • Students who have 3.00 GPA or above provided that all courses from the previous semesters are passed, may take one course from the upper year with the approval of their advisors from the beginning of the third semester. Students with 3.50 GPA and above can take two courses.
  • Registration should be completed with course registration forms of students who have completed the 2nd year in the associate degree programs and the 4th year in the undergraduate programs but still need to take courses from previous years. Students also need to submit them to student affairs.
  • Students cannot take courses that are not approved by their advisors.
Students who has less than 1.80 GPA at the end of the fourth semester, are considered probational student. Probational students with GPA between 1.60-1.69 can take up to 2 courses from a higher level and probational students with GPA between 1.70-1.79 can take maximum of 3 courses from higher level until they are no longer classified as probational student status. In order to exit the status, the student firstly repeats the courses taken under (CC).  
  • The Department of Psychology will submit the course registrations of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students on the OBS (Student Information System) according to the groups they belong to. An announcement was made on Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences web site regarding the course selection of the Psychology Department.
  • Enrollment of compulsory courses for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Psychology Department students will be done through OBS system according to the groups to which they belong. Psikoloji bölümünün ders seçimleri ile ilgili olarak Üsküdar Üniversitesi web sitesinde İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi sayfası üzerinde duyuru verilmiştir. These students are required to add elective courses through OBS system and get approval from their advisors.
You can read the announcements regarding Psychology Department course selection from  https://uskudar.edu.tr/itbf/en.
  • Only the Double Major and Minor students will complete the course registration form which they will receive from the student affairs or related secretarial office and complete the course registration by submitting them to the student affairs.
  • Pursuant to the Law no. 667, students placed by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) will complete their course selection by getting registration form from student affairs or related secretariat and fill it with their advisors and submit them to the student affairs after they have been approved by the financial affairs department.
  • International students who want to learn Turkish Language and Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution distance education courses in English, can change their courses by applying to their advisors.
Special Courses for International Students 
Turkish II - TURK112 – Instructor Teaching Assistant Selçuk DUMAN (course language Turkish and content leveled according to students)
Turkish History II - ATA112 - Instructor Teaching Assistant Erhan BEKTAŞ (course language Turkish and content leveled according to students)
Courses can be selected by;
  • International students of Turkish origin who studied high school in a language other than Turkish and,
  • International students (Non-Turkish origin) who do not speak Turkish at all.
These courses will be provided in 2019-2020 Fall semester only as distance education course. After taking the course you can talk to the instructor of the relevant course for your questions and other related issues.
Teaching Assistant Selçuk DUMAN
Teaching Assistant Erhan BEKTAŞ
Main Campus C-Block B1 -06
Important Notes for Master’s Degree Students 
  • Students who will study scientific preparatory class will select the scientific preparation courses in the curriculum.
  • Students who are in the thesis period must register for the thesis course.
  • Our students’ credit load is 30 ECTS per semester.
  • Students cannot take courses that are not approved by their advisors.
  • Special Students can choose up to 50% of the curriculum.
  • Students will be able to register the course via the Student Information System (OBS) and submit them to the advisor electronically for approval. The course registration process will be completed by the advisors’ approval via the system.
  • Students who want to meet with the advisor about the course registration process can contact via STIX system.
Important Notes for Faculty of Medicine Students
  • Course registration dates for Faculty of Medical students are between 30 September and 06 October.
  • The course registration process of our first year students is done automatically. These students do not need to do anything else related to course registration. They only need to check that the course assignments have been made by entering the Student Information System.