A video support message from Tarhan to "Big Family Reunion"...

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.42032

President of Üsküdar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan's support for the "Big Family Reunion" organized with the theme "Genderlessness propaganda should be banned". Prof. Nevzat Tarhan supported the "Big Family Meeting" organized by the Big Family Platform with the coming together of more than two hundred non-governmental organizations with a video message.

Thousands of people gathered from İstanbul Saraçhane Fatih Memorial Park for the Big Family Reunion. The participants marched to Beyazıt Square.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan also supported the march, which was held with the participation of important names, with a video message.

Tarhan made the following statements in his video message:

This silent march of the big family platform for our children, our family and humanity, and I would like to state that I wholeheartedly support the "Big Family Reunion".
I congratulate all the NGO formations that were there for this important march and supported them from afar and wholeheartedly."
I did not hesitate to express the importance of these meetings organized in the context of "Genderlessness propaganda should be banned" on all the platforms I have participated so far.
Similarly, I will not hesitate to repeat my thoughts on the subject in the light of scientific data...
This movement, known as gay, lesbian, fluid gender, has two dimensions.
One dimension is the sexual freedom dimension and the other dimension is the sociopsychological dimension..
Especially after the 1960s, the roles related to sexuality began to change. After freedom became so widespread… Sexuality is a role. It is an identity. There is sexual identity. Why has the sexlessness trend emerged and is increasing?
Especially in the 2000s, there was much more controversy in the United States over a genderless priest becoming an archbishop.
After that, it increased even more
Christian circles could not produce an alternative to this.
Because the church is not innocent about this.
In this case, people began to question themselves about homosexuality.
A new area of freedom has emerged.
If we step into the sociopsychological-biological side of this, gender identity status is not genetic!
We call it epigenetics. Epigenetics is genetic polymorphism of the environment's fostering, and this can change.
There is evidence that it is not entirely genetic
In particular, there is an article published in the Nature journal Science in 2019. The sex-related genes of 477,000 people were examined. It is a big work that Oxford, Harvard is in. That work was published. Nature is a study that can be seen as 'No Gay Gen' when searched on the Internet. Here, it was investigated to ask 'is there a third gender other than men and women, is there any scientific evidence about them?' and no scientific evidence was found...
What is said otherwise today is scientifically unfounded.
We can even say that it has been falsified, let alone verified.
There is no such thing as a third gender.
In this context, I would like to draw attention to the importance of family!
Even if there is such an orientation in children with a good parental relationship, the child first cares, looks and then gives up.
Therefore, this situation seems to be in weak families. This process is influenced by two concepts: weak family ties and bad friends. It is important to be able to fix them.
Bu sorunun çözümü anne babanın elindedir. The solution to this problem is in the hands of the parents. Especially before the age of 10, the child asks the mother and father about gender. If the parents use a common language and develop a similar attitude, the child tends to accept the rights of the family because he needs the parents biologically, sociologically, psychologically in such situations.
However, with entering adolescence, a sense of autonomy, autonomy, begins. The child begins to question the mother and father at that time Whatever the parents say, they start doing the opposite because the child wants to say, "I grew up."
Let's not silence our children!
It is natural for a child to be a protester.
It is also not healthy for a child at that age to be like a sheep.
After puberty, the child is able to exhibit a completely different personality. Therefore, the child who asks questions and questions is doing it right. Let's not silence our children. In our culture, there is a culture of "Children must be silent while adults are talking".
If you say to the child, "Shut up, you don't understand, you're a child. Don’t talk back to the grown-ups!" and the child bottles it up. The child is learning from somewhere else. The child learns from social media Let's talk to the child at home.
If we don't know this, let's talk to the expert.
At the moment, it is very easy to reach good or bad information
In short, I would like to say a few words about the world of science:
It is said that 'If this child feels this way, let them stay like this’.
We cannot say that a child who does not have legal capacity, and who does not have the ability to marry and transfer money from the bank, has the ability to change gender in a case where the mother and the father is the natural guardian of the child.
In this period where emotions prevail more than reason, mother and father have the right to say no!
There is uncertainty in Türkiye.
In order not to take too much of your time, I would like to end my words here.
Again, I wholeheartedly greet all our participants...
I wish you a happy march on the right path!

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