Associate degree programs offer wide job opportunities!

Haber ile ilişkili SDG etiketleri


The additional preference process, which started on September 12, continues until Sunday, September 17 at 23.59. Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services (VSHS) Director Prof. Mesut Karahan stated that candidates who have not yet been able to place in a program should benefit from the additional preference opportunity. Reminding that many programs offer opportunities for candidates who want to work in the field of health, who are enthusiastic about this field and who want to improve themselves continuously, Karahan reminded that it is important for the future of students to make a choice by examining the relevant programs well.

Üsküdar University VSHS Director Prof. Mesut Karahan stated that the employment opportunity in the health sector has always continued, and that the rate of having a job in the sector is quite high compared to different fields of health technicians who have graduated from associate degree programs that fill an important field in this sector.

Students are preparing for the sector with 36 programs

Prof. Karahan explained that Üsküdar University, theme of which is 'health', prepared students to be ready for the sector with high employment opportunities and with its experience in this field and continued: "As VSHS, we are one of the most comprehensive vocational schools of health services in Türkiye with 36 programs. Our students graduate from our programs with the courses taken in the curricula created at international standards and with the opportunity to apply in our laboratories with up-to-date technology. As Türkiye we attach importance to contributing to the quality of health services, which we are pioneers in the world, with our graduated technicians who are qualified health professionals."

Public and private job opportunities in the field of civil defense search and rescue...

Prof. Mesut Karahan stated that there are programs with different job descriptions within the programs within the Vocational School of Health Services, and one of them is the Emergency and Disaster Management program. Karahan continued his remarks as follows: "We have been experiencing various disasters that we have witnessed closely recently. As Türkiye, I would like to convey my wishes to all our citizens on this occasion. In different types of disasters, for example, it is very important to take measures such as education, awareness raising and project development before disasters such as earthquakes, floods, avalanches and landslides. In case of disaster afterwards, the coordination process is very valuable. Thus, we train innovative, researcher and entrepreneurial graduates who are equipped with set of skills to do and manage all sorts of loss-reducing activities and who have comprehensive equipment with knowledge and skills related to their profession. These graduates have recently had the opportunity to be employed in many public and private areas, especially in the civil defense search and rescue unit directorates."

Employment opportunity in the operating room units of private and public hospitals...

Noting that the students graduated from the Operating Room Services program are intensively employed in the operating room units of private and public hospitals, Prof. Karahan gave the following information: "Graduates of this program are the assistant surgeons who prepare all the surgical materials used in the operating room, help the surgical team if necessary in the situation and manner deemed appropriate by the physician during the surgical procedure, and then prepare the equipment for a new surgical process by sterilization they work as medical personnel. Therefore, the possibility of employment in many hospitals is high."

What do environmental health graduates do?

Prof. Karahan informed on the Environmental Health Program and said that "Our students who graduate from the Environmental Health program work as assistants to environmental engineers in protecting the efficiency of natural resources and arrange the environment in accordance with human health and welfare. There are opportunities to be employed in various units under the Ministry of Environment, municipalities, and some institutions and organizations such as SEKA (Türkiye Cellulose and Paper Factories), Perkim, İGDAŞ (Istanbul Gas Distribution Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company)."

Associate degree graduates are very advantageous...

Stating that there are very important fields of study for students who successfully complete the Medical Imaging Techniques Program, Prof. Karahan continued his remarks as follows:

"Working areas are very important in the health sector and have a wide area. Moreover, the responsibilities of our graduated technicians to work in the field are also important since the program does not have a 4-year department. Our students who have graduated from Medical Imaging Techniques have working areas, such as İn the units such as direct films (X-rays), Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance and Mammography requested for the diagnosis of the disease or in the preparation and application of the devices of the patients undergoing radiation therapy and in various units of the Nuclear Medicine department."

Underlining that the September 12-17 additional placement period is an opportunity and that candidates who have not yet been placed in a program should evaluate this process well, Prof. Karahan pointed out that it is important for the future of all prospective students who want to work in the field of health, who are enthusiastic about this field and who want to improve themselves continuously, to examine these programs well and make a choice.

Karahan also stated that candidates can visit SHMYO between these dates and meet with the relevant program instructors and obtain all the information.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)