Faculty of Communication Year End Academic Committee Meeting is held

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Academic Board Meeting was held at Üsküdar University South Campus with the attendance by Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk, Secretary General Selçuk Uysaler, Deputy Secretary General Asil Barış Bağ and faculty academic staff. Faculty of Communication discussed what needs to be done to maintain the rising success during the meeting.

Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attended the meeting of Faculty of Communication Academic Committee Meeting in order to discuss Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication 2018-2019 Academic Year. Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Nazife Güngör gave a speech and thanked everyone who attended the meeting. The activities carried out throughout the year, as well as the objectives for the new educational period were discussed. President Tarhan stated that the successful performance of the Faculty of Communication helped them reach through award-winning student projects and feedback from the sector. He stated that the team spirit and family awareness in the Faculty of Communication are very important.

Increasing success rate in theory and practice …

The educational activities, scientific meetings and publication activities of the faculty were discussed in detail during the academic committee meeting. It was evaluated that the faculty had a successful year in education with theoretical and practical courses. Faculty publications such as Interaction Magazine and Haber Üsküdar were also discussed during the meeting. Accordingly, it was emphasized that the rate of the scientific studies of the faculty should continue at an accelerated rate.

Compliments from media professionals…

The evaluations of the media sector regarding the faculty were also discussed during the meeting. President Tarhan emphasized that the media professionals he met during the media programs stated positive comments about Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication, and that they desired to visit the faculty, give lectures and conferences. It has been evaluated that the high student quota and occupancy rates of the faculty have demonstrated this success concretely.

The new faculty building increases the success rate…

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Faculty Member Can Diker gave information about student satisfaction surveys. Diker said that the satisfaction rate is on a continuous rise and that the role of the strengthening of the academic staff and relocation of the faculty to the new building played a role. Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication Faculty Member Şaha Özpınar also gave information about the vision meeting held by the University. Department heads gave information about their departments at the meeting. The Department of Cartoon Animation, which will take students for the first time, was introduced to the faculty. Prof. Hasip Pektaş informed that they are making a strong planning on this issue.

Awarded Faculty of Communication students and their achievements were also evaluated…

The awards and achievements of faculty students in various competitions were also discussed at the academic board meeting. Süleyman İrvan, the Head of the Department of New Media and Journalism, stated that the students put forward important studies in internet journalism and its applications.

Head of Radio, Television and Cinema Department Assoc. Prof. İsmail Arda Odabaşı informed the students’ awards on short film awards they received.

Head of Media and Communication Department Assoc. Prof. Feride Zeynep Güder gave attention to the rising rate of the department's satisfaction surveys.

Head of Advertising Design Department Assoc. Prof. Özgül Dağlı also expressed the satisfaction of the rise of the department satisfaction graph.

The external vision of the faculty was also discussed…

The external vision of the faculty was also discussed at the meeting. Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk thanked the faculty for their contribution to the external perception of the university. In particular, he thanked Assoc. Prof. Feride thanked Zeynep Güder for accepting the international student coordinator position and the faculty coordinator. Prof. Konuk added that they expect much more support from the faculty in the scientific process in the future.

English departments are aimed…

President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that the faculty should open an English department in the future in the meeting of the Academic Committee. He said that the necessary planning should be started.

The evaluations were made regarding the university promotion period and strategies were followed during the presentations during the meeting. Prof. Hasip Pektaş and Asst. Prof. Aylin Tutgun Ünal emphasized the need to contribute to the use of social media during the promotion period..

The meeting, which was held in the garden of the faculty, was completed with the wishes and suggestions.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)