Üsküdar University 6th Graduation Ceremony

Üsküdar University 6th Graduation Ceremony 

Üsküdar University will celebrate its 6th graduation ceremony this year with its graduates. Üsküdar University 2019 Graduation Ceremony will be once again held at Ülker Sports and Event Hall, which has twelve thousand people capacity.

2018 - 2019 Academic Year graduates of associate, bachelor and master’s degree programs will receive their diplomas with a grand ceremony at Ülker Sports and Event Hall / Ataşehir on 5 July 2019. Approximately five thousand students will graduate this year at 2019 Graduation Ceremony of Üsküdar University.

Upon receiving their diplomas, Üsküdar graduates will have fun with music at the Üsküdar University Graduation Ceremony where emotional moments, unforgettable memories are shared.

We are looking forward to share this amazing experience with you on 5 July 2019 Friday. See you at the Üsküdar University 6th Graduation Ceremony.

Üsküdar University Graduation Committee