We are as old as our veins!

We are as old as our veins!

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine organized an event titled “How to live without a heart disease?”. Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Department of Family Medicine Prof Mehmet Akman and Founder of Varol Academy Koray Varol attended the event as speakers.  

The event which took place at Main Campus Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, provided important information about what should be done to protect heart health.

We are as old as our veins! 2

Excess weight and harmful substances are the enemy of heart

Prof. Mehmet Akman stated that the best indicator for a person to look younger is the age of the vein. He said, “The answer to know how old you are, depends on the condition of your veins”.

Prof. Akman said that our veins may age very early, and there may be blockages in our veins over time and mentioned that accumulation of cells that store cholesterol in the wall of the vein     causes hardening of the arteries. Prof. Akman also mentioned that the elastic structure of the arteries will not respond to blood pressure by hardening.

Prof. Akman stressed that we may have a heart attack if the blood vessels are plugged and not enough blood go into our heart. He expressed that 55 % women death rate and 45% men death rate are due to cardiovascular diseases. He also noted that excess weight, harmful substances and genes cause heart disease.

“We should go on a walk 3 days a week”

Prof. Akman emphasized that sports and nutrition are important factors in our lives and said “We should take walks slow enough to talk to the person next to us and yet feel the pulse.” Prof. Akman said that we should go on a walk 3 days a week.

He also noted that carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for us and that carbohydrates should be as purified as much as possible.

We are as old as our veins! 3

“We all have our own talents”

Varol Academy Founder Koray Varol said, “We all have our own talents. Introversion and extroversion are both talents. Trying to discover your own skills may make you more satisfied with your life. If you find a job in accordance with your own abilities and plan a life for it, you will get a very serious life satisfaction.”

Varol shared that we feel more valuable and more at peace in places where we receive life satisfaction, which is a very serious benefit to our heart.

The event was concluded after presenting their plaques and taking a family photo.

We are as old as our veins! 4

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)