3rd Eurasian Congress on Positive Psychology at Üsküdar University

3rd Eurasian Congress on Positive Psychology at Üsküdar University

The 3rd Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress will be held at Üsküdar University between 12-14 April 2019. This year's theme is determined as “Sources of Psychological Well Being” and the congress will be attended by important academics from Turkey and abroad who have signed positive studies in psychology field. Expressing that happiness is a skill that can be learned and improved, Assoc. Prof. Tayfun Doğan stated that conference, panel, workshop and papers related to positive psychology will be presented in the Congress program.
The 3rd Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress, which will be held this year, will host many experts in its field.
Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Head of Psychology Department Assoc. Profr. Tayfun Doğan gave information about positive psychology and the 3rd Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress.

The Science of Good Living: Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a sub-branch of psychology that focuses on people's positive characteristics and strengths. Assoc. Prof. Tayfun Doğan said, “It is the science of good living. Psychology in the context of the historical process focuses more on mental health disorders and human shortcomings. The study of the positive-strong characteristics and potentials of people is largely neglected. Positive psychology is an approach that focuses on the positive qualities, strengths and virtues of individuals rather than on the negative, incomplete and problematic aspects. In this case, it is based on the ‘health model’ in response to the 'disease model' used by traditional psychology. The purpose and functions of positive psychology are to investigate the things that make life worthwhile and worth living, develop them by focusing on the positive and strong characteristics of people, generate the subjective and psychological well-being and the joy of life, and prevent individuals from experiencing mental problems with its preventive function.”

Positive psychology opens the door to a meaningful life

Assoc. Prof. Tayfun Doğan stated that positive psychology deals with ‘What is good life?’, ‘What is meaningful life?’, ‘What are the things that make life worth living?’, 'Who is human in the mental health place?’, ‘How can you be happier?', 'What are the character forces of people?” etc. and he noted that he is looking for answers to questions using the scientific methods of positive psychology.

Positive psychology doesn't just mean “science of happiness.”

He said, "I think that calling positive psychology ‘the science of happiness’ limits its scope. Therefore, this is not a correct statement. Of course happiness is an important subject of positive psychology, but it is not the only subject. In addition, this new approach deals with many issues such as forgiveness, meaning of life, hope, optimism, quality of life, psychological soundness, gratitude, commitment to work, self-esteem, self-awareness (altruism), social-emotional intelligence and does research on these issues.”

"We solved many problems, but we were not happy”

Stating that positive psychology works, Doğan continued his words as follows:

Many scientific studies have revealed this in this field. I also think that this approach arises from a need. Because human life is a life that seeks happiness and meaning. In our search for happiness and meaning, human history has never been as prominent as it is today. We have solved significant nutritional problems and health problems as human beings, we have become richer than before, but we are not happy at the same rate. This led scientists to do research on happiness.

Happiness is a skill that can be learned

“There's a lot to say about happiness. But I would like to say that happiness is a skill that can be learned and developed. Yes, there is a genetic aspect of happiness, we can't deny it. But there is one aspect that looks at us. Happiness is to live life in a meaningful way by enjoying it. We can do it. To find life work that will make our lives meaningful, be in a sense of gratitude, move more or exercise, be hopeful, be forgiving and raise our self-esteem will contribute to our happiness.”

"There is an interest in the world on expectations”

“We can say that there is an interest in all over the world. Around the world, congresses are organized, seminars, scientific-academic journals are published and numerous books are published on the subject. I personally try to attend congresses in Europe and America. Almost every other country has its own national positive psychology congress. We are organizing a congress which will be organized this year with the title of Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress in our country. Participation rate in the congresses we held twice before was quite high. In this case, it makes us happy on behalf of our country.”

3rd Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress will be Held on 12-14 April 2019

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Üsküdar University Dr. Tayfun Doğan gave the following information about the congress:

"Our congress will be held at Üsküdar University in İstanbul between 12-14 April 2019. This year's theme of our congress is ‘Sources of Psychological Well-Being’. Important academicians from Turkey and abroad who have contributed to the positive psychology field will attend our congress as speakers. In the content of the congress program; there will be conferences, panels, workshops and presentations related to positive psychology. The congress is interdisciplinary and is open to all academicians from different branches. Besides academics, students and public can attend our congress as listeners. For more information and attendance, please review Congress web page (www.ppcongress2019.org) and you can register from here.”

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)