It’s on us to provide comfy study environment and hot soup, it’s on you to succeed…

Here are the available classrooms for the students who wish to study for the finals at the university after 17.30 between 02-18 January 2019;

Main Campus A Block 203-221-227-227A-330,
Çarşı Campus Z-32, Z-34, Z-35
South Campus A Block 101, B Block GB08

Main Campus İbrahim Tarhan Library will be open 24/7 between 02-18 January 2019:

Çarşı Campus Müzeyyen Tarhan Library will be open on weekdays between 08.30-23.00, weekend between 08.30-21.00
South Campus Namık Kemal Library will be open on weekdays between 08.30-17.30.

Üsküdar University will provide hot soup to its students after 22.30 between 02-18 January 2019.

We wish good luck and success to all our students.

02.01.2019 08:59