Endearing science can protect young people from traps

Endearing science can protect young people from traps

The 6th Science and Idea Festival will be generated this year again organized by Üsküdar University and in collaboration with İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education in order to form a platform for the high school students. Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan spoke at the presentation of the festival mentioned the importance of endearing science to youngsters and continued, “ If we make young people love science, we'll save them from a lot of wrongs and traps, “. 
The introductory meeting held at the Sheraton Grand İstanbul Ataşehir brought together the school counselors and the school principals working at the schools at the Anatolian side. İstanbul Provincial National Education Director Levent Yazıcı and Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attended the meeting and gave information about the festival.

Endearing science can protect young people from traps 2

Dreams need to be designed

Üsküdar University President Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated in his opening speech that studies on neuroscience show that learning is more healthy and permanent in an environment where entertainment and discipline are conducted together. Prof. Tarhan said, “When learning is not a combination of fun and discipline, it becomes temporary. The fact that the person adding his / her feelings to a subject that he/she has learned, doing it with love, excitement, love and 7/24 is the basis of productive thinking. Imagining is essential in productive and exploratory thinking. After imagining, it needs to be designed. The dream must be intended for a purpose. Mental labor, ordeal, and incubation are needed for the emergence of a project. The birth of a project is actualized after the incubation period. After that time, great bright ideas emerge”.

Ideal ego against traps should be given

Prof. Tarhan indicating that young people in secondary and high school should be directed to good areas, and continued, “In order not to fall into the trap of social media, it is necessary to give the ideal ego ideal to young people so that they do not fall into the trap of popular culture. The best ideal ego to be determined in this age is not only about thinking about the self, but also to be useful to the society, and be able to give ideas that can be useful to humanity through science. We started to dream about it 6 years ago.

Endearing science can protect young people from traps 3

We should endear science to youngsters

Prof. Tarhan who emphasized the importance of endearing science to young people, continued, “If we make young people love science, we will save them from many misdeeds and traps. We, as Üsküdar University, we always care about this vision. Project Culture and Entrepreneurship course are taught as a compulsory course.”
Prof. Tarhan stated that Üsküdar University was selected as a center of excellence by UNESCO for its studies in Neurobiology, Cognitive Medicine and Brain Research. He said that they ensured opportunity for foreign students to do research.

We are the first university representing our country in N20

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan noted that there are R&D focuses at Üsküdar University. He said, “A person cannot do everything. We choose a topic at R&D and concentrate on that. Just like data mining. We chose brain as our main focus. We were in Argentina last week for the N20 Summit held before the G20 Summit. We were the only university representing Turkey at the summit. Studies were carried out to determine the policies related to brain function, particularly. A report was prepared and presented to the leaders.”

The biggest problem of youngsters is solitude

Prof. Tarhan stated that one of the biggest problems of the youth is loneliness. He stated that in the study about the loneliness in the age of 16 - 24 years, conducted together with Manchester University and BBC, indicated importance result. Tarhan continued, “Two types of behavior are observed in this study. These youngsters are not careful with their self-care and do not eat warm food. They spend the majority of their time in front of the computers. They are in psychological isolation and therefore loneliness. These incidents generate a huge risk for the future. Parents and the educators need to be careful about this. A different generation began to develop due to the use of technology. Smart but socially poor generation is emerging. There is a digital generation and we need to be preventive about the risks this issue holds.”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan thanked the İstanbul Provincial National Education Directorate and İstanbul Provincial Education Director Levent Yazici for the support from the beginning of this festival.

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Levent Yazıcı: “These kinds of festivals provide essential contributions.”

Levent Yazici, the director of İstanbul Provincial of National Education, expressed his pleasure for being a part of this meaningful meeting where creativity and innovation were discussed. Yazıcı expressed that pleasant environment was obtained in the previous festivals. He continued, “The thoughts of our students have been ignited and many important inventions have been made with the support of our teachers. We would like to take firm steps for the future within the scope of the 2023 vision of the Ministry of National Education. We want to continue our corporate cooperation within this context. As the Ministry of National Education, we want to educate children who are equipped with the skills of today and the future, who are able to use these skills for the benefit of humanity, who are sensitive and endearing to science as well as culture and art.” Yazıcı mentioned that there is a deep need for these type of festivals and said, “Üsküdar University has very important experiences. I believe that Üsküdar University’s contribution to the integration of our schools with their experience in Behavioral Sciences, social sciences, science and technology and the categories determined in health.”

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Prof. Muhsin Konuk: “This country needs inventors”

Üsküdar University Vice President Prof. Muhsin Konuk did a presentation at the Science and Idea Festival Presentation. He specified this year’s slogan that is “Looking for brains that will invent”. Konuk said, “This country needs inventors. Our aim is to educate conscious followers and individuals, who will guide the science culture and science industry.” Prof. Konuk stated that it is also aimed to make youngsters socialize with each other in this festival. He continued, “Young people are lonely due to the increase in information technologies in particular”.

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Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan: “We will not leave our children alone” 

Üsküdar University Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan delivered a presentation titled “Raising Goodness in the Changing World”. Prof. Arıboğan remarked that one of the biggest issues of youngsters is solitude and continued, “We looked for the main reasons for participation to ISIS at the meeting held in Oxford last year. Most of the people, who have participated in ISIS from Europe, were not even Muslims. When we check the background of these children, we see great loneliness. They were left isolated in schools and their families were inattentive.  This is Europe’s biggest problem. We will not leave our children alone. We will convince them and will sit at dinner tables together in the bairams. They will sit together at those tables with their mothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Every child who is isolated from the family system, community system, and social responsibility programs is a victim ready to be hunted by any organized crime organization.”

Deadline: 22 February 2019

the 6th Science and Idea Festival will take place on April 18 - 19, 2019 that is organized in collaboration of Üsküdar University and İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education with the aim for high school students, young people to observe, think, research and project. Applications to the Üsküdar University Science and Idea Festival will be accepted for three categories that are Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology Science. The deadline for applications is 22 February 2019.

Successful projects will be awarded 

The winners of this year will be rewarded again. The first winners will receive 6 thousand, second winners will receive 4 thousand and third winners will receive 2 thousand Turkish Liras. 500 liras reward will be awarded to the winners between 4th and 14th place. Project advisor teachers will receive half of the project awards.

Endearing science can protect young people from traps 7

The school counselors met at breakfast before the meeting. The program was broadcast live from ÜU TV and a souvenir photo was taken.

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