Azerbaijani students visited Üsküdar University

30 Azerbaijani students from Baku visited Üsküdar University in an event organized for international students by the Üsküdar University Directorate of International Relations. 

International Relations Unit Manager Hasan Pehlivan greeted the group and they visited Üsküdar University Çarşı and Main campuses.

The Director of International Relations Emre Üçsular held an informative meeting in Kuleli Hall to the prospective students in order to provide information on the criteria of accepting international students as well as general information about the University.

The students also attended the faculty member Prof. Sinan Canan’s seminar on “What is Neuromarketing?”.

After being informed in detail about the Üsküdar University, each student was presented with the Certificate of Attendance.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)